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Your characters are only as real as the world they inhabit. ~Scott McCloud

Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original... ~C.S Lewis

"All characters have a soul, lifestyle, and personality. If we treat them bad...they will treat us bad as well"


June 27, 2010

Crux: Sorry about the long wait, everyone. Just wanted to point out that I am back (Thanks to Poyo!) And that hopefully soon I'll start getting active again. But for now, I am removing Crux so I can rework it.

Snow's choice story of the of the Month(/year)!

Goodbye, Heartache by Poyo!

Summary: A splendor of cerulean tainted by flecks of emerald, piercing yet impenetrable. Framed by long, ebony lashes that lay hidden behind a veil of lustrous onyx hair. Those were the eyes of a killer. Shinobi. And still, I couldn't bring myself to look away.


Rated: T



There will come a time when you think everything is finished... And that will be the beginning.

Name? Ebonii Ash. Occupation? Assassin. Because I was on the streets for five years, I have no limits. You need information? I will seduce and kill. I can do anything you wish. From hunting down a rogue wolf to staking a vampire threatening to overtake your lands. I will go to any length for the right price. Or the right piece of information. But, can someone like me really stand up to gods? Is it even possible?


Ebonii Ash, One, Two,

Ebonii's_Car (And my new love.) Ebonii's_Car_Two

Dai_Lucien (Inside the apartmenthe and Ebonii shared), Dai_Lucien,

I have this absolute love for Dai now. He's so fun.

Do enjoy him!

All rights go to the photographer and model, Alex McKee as well as the respective models and photographers for Ebonii.

Possible Upcoming!

Okay, so I'm not so sure how far this idea will go, but so far, so good. I want to try it.

Calamity XIII

It took us all. Everyone. Men, women... Even the children. From newborns to elderly. No one was spared. No one except us, the immune. But...could there be a cure? Could there really be a way to survive this...? A way to be free?

Sneak Peak!: Calamity_XIII

My Progress:

Crux -- In Progress of being rewritten.

Calamity XIII -- Hiatus

Dear Angel -- Permanent Halt.

100 Themes Challenge -- In Progress -17/100 complete, 12/100 posted

Reverie -- Complete

Circulation-- Complete

2/5 Stories Completed

Why would you want world domination? Seriously, you have six billion people to look after. I can hardly look after myself!

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