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EDIT: I have a new DA now, Harlequinloki, so if you see my stuff up there don't freak, it's me. XD

Hi-yah! Thank you for coming to read my stories. I guess I'll start by describing myself and then I'll describe my stories in short. I'll do my bio in RP character form! XD I'm surprised you found me frankly, but then again, if you're as weird as I am, then I'm not so much really. Anyway, I'm a budding writer as I like to put it (in other words I sucketh, so sorry for that), so I'm not perfect on the whole basics of writing. Even so, I hope you'll read my stories and enjoy them knowing that even if I'm not the best I enjoy writing them, and that's all that matters right? Recently I decided that I really did NOT like my first tries at writing, too cliché and MS-ish, so I've decided to rewrite my two stories, GB and SOMB. This will either turn out to be a fruitless endeavor or actually work for me (fat chance) and maaaaybe I'll be able to put something halfway decent up in a little while, for're stuck with poems and feelings and all that junk... XP

Name: Jessi L. (Kittensinthedustbin on Fictionpress, Tkalmonster on Gaiaonline, and Tkalmonster on DA)
Age: 17
Birthday: 11-29-1990
Occupation: Student
Species: Human (...maybe)
Gender: Female
Goals in life: To become a successful artist (Hopefully an animator or Manga artist)
Living space: Cluttered at best
Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Reading, Web Surfing, and sleeping...
Likes: Anime, Animals, Manga, Computers, Candy, Monster Khaos, Sleep, Roleplaying, PS2, Werewolves, and Vampires...
Dislikes: Bugs, Needles, Overly dramatic people, Mornings, XBox, Art thieves, Story thieves, being talked down to...
Personality: Spastic and loony, needs to be shut up and quick, then again, sometimes I'm quite calm...


Going Batty!

Being rewritten...hopefully...

A Scattering Of Moon Beams

Being rewritten as well for suckyness...



A short story written for a mission on DA. About Zehrax, my OC character. Her interests include, playing the violin, long walks on the beach, and ripping the hearts from the chests of unwitting victims...


Tides of the Sea

This is a sadish poem inspired by the legends of Scottish Selkies. I've always loved them, and this is my tribute to those wonderful shape shifters.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

My rendition of that classic little ditty we all grew up with. Its...err...somewhat darker that your normal childhood rhyme though...but isn't that the point? Anyway, written on a whim because I was bored...make of it what you will. I hope someone will analyze it and say what they think I mean by the poem, that'd be cool to see someone else's POV on my work.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star reviews
My rendition of the classic nursery rhyme. You can make of it what you wish.
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