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I'm not really good at introducing myself but here I'll try. I'm Andrew (You don't need to know my last name). I'm 19 years old, a university student attending the so-called prestigious, University of Sydney. I once took up BS Microbiology during my first year in college/ uni. but I felt that Science was not my thing. I'm currently taking up Business Management (My dad owns a slot machine factory and he expects me to take over when I graduate.) By the way, I'm currently in my 3rd year (Yey! Just one more year...). If you visit my blog and look at my picture you'll notice that I look Asian and I look kind of young (I'll take that as a compliment) . Well I'm Asian, Filipino to be exact. Me and my family migrated to Sydney when I was 16. Anyway thanks for wasting your time reading my short introduction and I hope you enjoy my poems and songs.By the way, I'm in an acoustic-pop-emo-rock band and some of the lyrics here are our songs ( Just don't tell my bandmates...=p). If you somehow see me or us performing in birthday parties, debuts, school events, proms or just hear us sing nonsense near your home just call me. (Hey Andrew! Stop singing your nonsense. It's the middle of the night, damn it or something like that...=p)

Facts about Andrew:

1. Andrew can open beer cans with his teeth. He still prefers to use other people's teeth though.

2. Andrew does not hunt because the word "hunting" infers the probability of failure. Andrew goes killing.

3. Andrew's tears can cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

4. Kids check their closets and their beds for any signs of Boogeyman. Boogeyman checks his closet and his bed for any signs of Andrew.

5. Andrew once visited the Virgin Islands. Now it is called the Islands.

6. When Andrew sends in his taxes, he sends blank forms and a picture of himself, crouched and ready to attack. Since then, he never had to pay any taxes.

7. Andrew sleeps with the night light on. It is not because Andrew is afraid of the darkness but because the darkness is afraid of him.

8. Andrew owns the World Record of Greatest Poker Face of All-time. It helped him won the 2006 World Series Poker despite holding only a Joker, A Get-out of Jail Free Monopoly Card, A 3 of Hearts, 7 of Spades and a Time Zone Card.

9. One day while watching the Tonight Show, Andrew roundhouse kick his T.V and accidentaly broke Jay Leno's jaw.

10. Andrew knows no limit since limit is scared to introduce himself to Andrew.

11. People say the truth hurts but it hurts a lot more when it comes from Andrew

12. Andrew is the SI unit to measure fear.

13. On the sixth day God said, "Let there be no Andrew." On the 7th day God was sent to the hospital.

14. The book "Worst Case Scenario" discusses ways on how to survive accidents. The page, "Running from Andrew" simply says "Good Luck!"

15. Andrew doesn't use sunblock. The sun uses Andrewblock.

16. Andrew beat Ray Charles in a staring contest.

17. Andrew irons his shirts while he's wearing them.

18. Onions do not make Andrew cry. Andrew makes onions shit themselves.

19. There is intelligent life outside Earth. They are avoiding this planet because they owe Andrew 100 bucks.

20. One night Andrew went to a party. While at the party he went to the bathroom and he came out with a toilet paper stuck on his foot. Nobody at the party told Andrew about it since they were afraid he will hurt them. Andrew suddenly happened to look down to tie his shoe and noticed the toilet paper. He proceeded to beat up everyone at the party for not telling him about it. When it comes to Andrew, it's always a lose-lose situation.

Ideal Lady

1. Sophisticated

2. Mature (but not too much)

3. Feisty

4. Must be able to keep up in conversations with me

5. Can sing along with me

6. Likes the simple pleasures in life

7. Must be able to keep up in dancing with me

8. Must have a sense of humor

9. Beautiful, Cute, Sexy, Name it...=p

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