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It's that time of year again! Time to update my boring and underread profile. But you're not on this website to read profiles, just the stories. But this is listed before my stories so I'll make sure it's somewhat interesting.

I love to write! I shouldn't have to say that if I have a profile here, and yet I did. I'm in a transitional phase in my writing. For the most part I've matured in my writing, so I've debated taking some of my older stories and pieces down in an effort to reinvent myself. However, like a favorite childhood stuffed animals, I can't seem to part with them. They may stay and perhaps show how my writing has changed...

My favorite kinds of stories: I think its safe to say I'm a little odd. I like lots of different kinds of stories. I love comedy/humor. I love to laugh especially when I need to relax. I also like action/adventure. Maybe I'm an adreniline junkie. I get so 'into' stories like this. Because I'm a history nerd, it shoudn't be surprising to know that I love historical fiction. I pretty much love any time period before the early 1900s. Sometimes I'll read sci-fi, but I'm incredibly selective about what I read. Eh, I don't really like poetry that much. Not my thing, but sometimes I may read some. The only kind of poetry I really "like" is stuff like Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstien, you know, fun stuff.

My Reviewing policy: I don't really review much. I'm kind of lazy and totally busy with school and I don't feel like I need to impose my opinion about everything I read. I mean, come on! Who am I to tell you whether you're a good or bad writer?

My 'Being Reviewed' policy: Look, please don't feel obligated to review my stories. If you didn't like my stories, move on to someone else's writing. There is no reason you should suffer through my stories when there are so many other talented writers on this site. Also, I know there are good intentioned people out there who vow to review every chapter of every story they read. I admire you because I can't/won't do that, but please don't feel like you have to. If you like my story, one review is plenty. Please note that if you see grammar mistakes in my stories and want to include that in your review, please be specific. If you only wirte, 'there are some grammar mistakes,' then I really don't know what to look for. Being a grammar nerd myself, any errors I miss are likely not be caught by me and fixed unless they are pointed out.

Well, I can't believe I bored you for this long, so I'll say farewell and happy reading. And I apologize if you have actually read everything on my profile.

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Enslave a lioness by faultlessimperfection reviews
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It's A Long Story reviews
Hailey and Ashlee plan to kidnap the infamous Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus to a. get billions of dollars and b. to start ridding the world of autotuned pop stars. Their misadventures getting to L.A., battling nut jobs and making sure they avoid prison.
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Creative Writing Prompts reviews
Took a creative writing class and these are the prompts we used in class along with my pieces based on the prompt. Perhaps they can help you with your writing the way they helped me with mine. If you feel so inclined, I would apreciate constuctive critism
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