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Hello everyone! Ki here! well, I guess I'm supposed to tell you about myself so here goes nothin.

I'm fifteen and i've been writing since I was ten. I think I'm getting better, hopefully. I like writing about paranormal romance more than anything else. When The Moon Calls is my first werewolf story. I already have the whole thing mapped out but I'll just go with it if I get a new idea. Yeah, my summaries suck, I appologize for that. Let's see, I'm a huge Hyde and Gackt fan, ya know the Japanese pop singers, and I love anime. ANIME RULES! So yeah, listen out for Hyde and Gackts songs and go buy their movie MOON CHILD. You will Not be dissappointed.

Oh yeah, if you haven't checked out Death Note watch it. It's the best anime Ever!

So read and review, give me tips on how I can make my stories better, ideas, anything and everything is welcome! Thank you!!

When The Moon Calls- Rated T- Kieran runs away from home after her mother's dissapearance and is chased by a rouge wolf. Tired, on the verge of being attacked, she is saved by another wolf. She passes out and awakens to find herself in a strange home and that's when she meets her savior, sexy Spencer who turns out to be the Alpha of his pack. He takes her into his home and they become close and she comes to trust him. What will happen when she gets jealous that he's in love? R+R! (For the time being I have discontinued this story but not permanently. I've just lost interest. I need better ideas. If you have any suggestions feel free to add them in a review.)

Somebody To Love Me- (Yaoi)- Rated T- A story about a boy who wants to know the true nature of love. He comes to serve a prince who turns out to be more than he first thought. What happens when there relationship takes a turn for the worse? What if Leon is cheating on his slave with a girl? What if Leon is the devil himself? ( IT'S FINALLY UP! Not completed yet but I'm working on it a little at a time. )

Life's No Fairytale- Rated M- Aya's father is an alcholic and has gambled away her life and freedom in a demon casino. Now, forced to live with the Demon Royal Family she must endure Lord Joseph's harsh cruelties over and over again. Oh yeah, did I mention she has to marry the demon prince?! Yeah, her life couldn't get much worse until they begin to fall for one another. How will she deal in a world where human's are scum and slaves to demons? Will she finally find a home with her future husband or will she just long for an escape? (I think one of my best stories yet!)

Behind These Hazel Eyes- Rated T- Nikki and Jet where once in love but now they've gone their seperate ways. Nikki fell in love with another but he left on the eve of their wedding. Now she's depressed and misses her first true love? Has he moved on? Has he forgotten about her? No, because he's standing on her front porch, in the rain, as Behind These Hazel Eyes plays on the radio. 1 shot. might turn into a real story.

In The Wake Of The Night- Rated M- Terror is the king of all vampires and a fighter by nature. He hates humans but when he meets a young woman, Arianna, on the verge of being raped he saves her life. Now he's stuck with her. There's some surprises in store for both of them along the lines of Love, Life, and hidden secrets. What will the two discover In The Wake Of The Night? Book 1 in the Vampire Night Series.

Legacy of the Chosen- Rated M- Book 2 of the Vampire Knight Series. This book is about Pathaus a vampire who was sold into slavery before his transistion. He is bought by Valtrix, a brother and follower of Terror, and is brought into the world of the worriers. He learns that he has much to learn of loyalty and love. Book may contain yaoi, male x male relationships.

Through Emily's Eyes- Rated T- I have a ghost in my house! Ahh! So she's asked me to write her life (and death) story. She was murdered and now she wanders her old home as a five year old ghost. Her father kills himself in desperation to be with his only daughter and her mother is slowly dying and clingy to her memory of Emily. She cannot pass on until her mother forgives her only child's murderer and lets her anger and hate go. Will Emily ever go to heaven or will she be stuck in Limbo for eternity?

The Demon's Cat by rosiedreamer reviews
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In The Wake of The Night
Book 1. Terror is a hard core vampire, leader of his race. He's lost his purpose for life until he meets a young woman on the verge of being raped. After saving his life he realizes she isn't all she appears to be. A misfit and the woman to steal his hear
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Rison is a slave, Leon is a royal, Rison is human, Leon is.....something else. Rison was destined to be with him and Leon is destined to bring about the end of the world. Yaoi, MxM pairing, guy on guy relationships
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When The Moon Calls reviews
Kieran runs away from home and is chased through town by a rouge wolf. Tired, unable to go on, she is on the verge of being attacked when another wolf comes to her rescue. When she finds that her savior is really a man her world is turned upside down.
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