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Author has written 11 stories for Love, Life, Humor, Song, and Romance.

Ello there, you can call me Mimi.
My former pen name was Scarlet Brooks and I'm usually either extremely active or very dead on here.
I'm seventeen, female, and American.
I'm also atheistic, pansexual, materialistic, straightedge, and can be a bit controversial on most things.
I feel like many people have horrible taste in literature.
I'm slightly morbid and weird; you can see it in my poems and stories.
Also, don't be too offended if I don't respond to messages or reviews automatically.

Current Stories:

Margarita Lullaby: A Tragedy

How to Make: A Margarita Lullaby

~imported bitter alcoholic
~spicy cosmetics whore, divided
~gingery layered hobo
~fresh British baby goth
~chilled pro-life pimp
~baked psychobilly deaf
~whipped accurate hitman, divided
~marinated aged ocularist

Step 1: Place the imported bitter alcoholic in a small town where everyone treats her as if she's a celebrity purely because of rumors.

Step 2: Allow her only friends to be a large network of homeless people who are connected and supported by a wealthy was-drag queen, now-transvestite until it comes to a boil.

Step 3: Add in half of the spicy cosmetics whore until she flavors the alcoholic with happiness. Meanwhile, elude to a plan to murder the imported bitter alcoholic behind her back on the side.

Step 4: Add in remaining ingredients and begin to slowly broil them; it is guaranteed to bubble and explode before the timer goes off.

Step 5: Remove from oven and see which ingredients have survived.

Serves: 3

Prototype Front Cover
Prototype Back Cover

Upcoming Stories:


Licorice. Our safe word is licorice. I've never used it though; Mistress is always correct. One day, it will be between just me and her, not with her animal slave, not with her maid sissy, not with her husband, and not with that mysterious girl she's obsessed with, but just us. But I wonder who the girl getting all of her attention is. I must know.

Domme, never Darling
Ma'am, but never Dear
She'd rather be a mistress than a misses any day

Ropes instead of roses
Whips, but never woos
She'd rather have control than ever cuddle in my arms

Dungeons, never dates
Pain instead of pleasure
She'd rather have my pleasure come from being at her feet

Power, never partnered
Leather, never love
I'll never be her soul mate but I'll always be her slave

Domme, Never Darling

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