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I'm not really sadistic, nor a prune. No matter what my penname says. -looks around and laughs nervously-. So anywho, about me. Yep.I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow, no wait let me rephrase that.I procrastinate like there's always tomorrow. I'm two squared plus the sum of seven and six. I'm no mathematical prodigy if that's what you're thinking, no really, I suck at it.(Note the italized word that enunciates what I mean people) I'm small to the point that it's friggin' annoying. Five three people, that's a fucking midget. I'm noisy to the point that it infuriates people enough to shut the heck outta me. I'm curious where it's kinda disturbing and people hate me for it. Something about guys having wonderful eyes fascinates me. Something to drool over,I know you'd probably thinking right now that I'm some kind of imbecile. I mean come on, cut me some slack here. It's not everyday that I bump into someone that has green,blue or grey orbs. For Pete's sake, I live in a country where everyone's eyes are a boring brown. Ah the alliteration. But I most certainly digress. (Ooh, I like saying that word.)

I love reading, like duh. I read for pleasure not for showing off my intellectual range for literature. It keeps me preoccupied over my boring life.I love reading and writing. I'm addicted. habituated. OCD'd. Told you I'm weird, eccentric, quirky. Enough with the freaking synonyms, GOD.I have no backbone, seriously I don't. You can slap me or punch me or kick my ass but I'd still let you go with a smile plastered on my face with my ego bruised, broken pride and a very very low self esteem. Now that's called teenage angst people. Ahem, anyways. I'm furious over the fact that countries around the world discriminate us Filipino people when all we do is work our asses off at their precious country just to provide our families back in the Philippines. I mean, what the fucking hell is wrong about that you sick-ass arrogant pile of shit? Yeah that's me talking like an argumentative no-nonsense mature bitch, because I am.

No backbone notwithstanding.

As you can see, profanity has been a part of my everyday vocabulary.

I'm currently dying my hair. It's dyed red right now but only thin streaks of hair. I'm thinking of dying it purple but I'd rather spare my discipline officer the wrath he'll give me if he sees that my hair has absurd colours (his words, not mine) again. I tell you, he's the evils incarnate.

I hate the fact that I'm growing my hair for no apparent reason because it's being uncooperative and hast yet to grow. It's been 9 months since I had a haircut and it's still reached my midback. What the fucking hell did Rapunzel used or ate then? damn it.

Sorry, got carried away.

I like music regardless of its genre. But mostly I enjoy emo ( yeah yeah it's overrated and gay but whatfuckingever people),post screamo, some hardcore and simple alternative. I'm not hostile, read the 'no-backbone' comment' but I'm agressive when it comes to, yeah you've guessed it, books and fiction. I'd stay in a bookstore for a full hour or so just to choose a book to buy and read but after that full hour of picking I'd just pick whatever book that interest me and pay for it. It's fucking annoying.

I'm being repetitive aren't I huh?

Don't expect me to be a closed off person because I'm not. I voice my thoughts out loud and I can't do anything about it and I hate it. Inner monologue? Yeah fuck that and big fat mouth. Wow, I'm becoming hostile huh? I hate people letting their prejudices lead them down to being downright judgmental but what fucking bothers me the most is that I tend to do it every once in a while too. I'm not a very opinionated person and even if I am, I keep it lock in my head and trust my big fat mouth to not blurt it out. I'm a person who nods along everytime a person elaborates.

And now I'm sounding like a messed-up teenager so I have to make my farewell my dear fellow Neanderthals and off to lalaland.

I don't update my stories anymore 'cause I'm lazy like that. :)

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