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Konnichi wa Mina-san!

Hello Everbody!

My name's Usagi, and I like to write a VERY BIG variety of stories. Mostly horrow, just cuz I'm whacko like that. w




THERE ON OUR ASSES ABOUT IT I TELL YOU!! The 8th grade guidance...-shivers- And 8th grade in its whole. Sheesh. Well, for all of you Screams Through The Night fans who are about to cuss me out,


(I'm sorry)

Why am I speaking in Japanese, you may ask? Well, maybe it's cuz


Don't like it? SUE ME! Freedom of speech and all you preps who don't like it, go read the U.S. Constitution until your EYES TURN YELLOW YOU HIGH PONYTAILED, OVER MAKEUPED, SHORT SKIRT FLARING FRICKERS!!

-cough cough-

Well... I just now got back on all of my old accounts. I was at a loss for a computer for about 4 months, so after I got it back I guess I just forgot about all these. One day I was like ooh fanfiction- OH MEH GAWD!! So people like BLOOMERBRIGADE~! I'm truly sorry... On Fanfic, I present a new story as an I'm-so-sorry-words-could-never-explain-it gift to them, maybe I'll do that on here too... I'm just so sad! My writing's gotten so much more mature in the almost two years that I wasn't on here, so if I update it may be weird. It's kinda of like Stephanie Meyer's Midnight sun getting leaked out early; I just don't know if I can continue it. Sucks though, cuz' I was just at the part where Alexander and Anna reunite. If I get enough encouragement from myself, maybe I'll force myself to do it. :D So there's still a chance; just please...don't kill me!! //~~ I'm sorry!!


But don't look forward to bashing my brains out, cuz Snick Pop's already called dibs. (go find her on fanfic. XD~)

- うさぎーちゃん

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