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Hello. I'm kaiburns, or as my friends call me, Kaitlyn. I'm not very interesting as I tend to lead a normal college kid life, but I do participate in some extreme sports to spice it up a little. When I'm not on a rock in the wilderness or studying to become an English professor I'm usually on this site creepin' on people's stories and blasting through them like they weren't over 100,000 words long. I tend to like stories that have a central female character, which have a little romance in them but have plenty of supernatural/adventure/fantasy/action packed back story to make it interesting. A little drama doesn't hurt either, and as long as it's not drama that's in my own life I'm completely fine with it. Anyways, that's enough about me. Here's some literature for you punks out there.


If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not that good at finishing things that I start. Not only is that due to my procrastination, work, college, and boyfriend, but it's also due to these phases I have. You see, I have this thing where I'll watch anime non-stop for a couple of months, and then I'll move on to manga. After I get bored with that, I move on to read stories off of FictionPress and FanFiction, and then when I feel my creative juices flowing, I return to writing and drawing. I'm sure that's not a good quality of mine if I want people to be reading my uncompleted stories, but perhaps one of these days I'll pop out a great, completed story that will make me millions... right. Well anyways, I'm back from a long hiatus, which means that I'm returning to work on my Anecdote story. I'm most likely going to change the title of the story as I have a feeling that I've been using the word "anecdote" in a slightly wrong context, as well as a lot of the content of the story. I'm still pleased with the characters, but there were a few commenters (like literally3) who noted that there wasn't enough suspense in hiding her gender. I completely agree. I also have had a pirate story brewing in my mind for quite a while now and I would like to get that out on here, so hopefully this "phase" I'm in will last long enough for me to complete at least one. I'm not promising anything, though. Toodles.


First update- Hello to the few that visit my profile. If you're a follower of An Anecdote of My Life as A Male Rock Star I'm sorry that I haven't updated it for a month or two. I don't really have an excuse, so I won't bother making one up for you. I do have fantastic news, though! As this is my last semester at a community college, I decided to indulge in my pleasures and enrolled in a creative writing class. I say that this is good news only because I'm hoping with this class I'll have a bunch of ideas for An Anecdote and for new stories as well. I've already come to the conclusion that An Anecdote needs to go through serious revision so I can incorporate more drama with the whole gender bender thing, and as you can see I have just recently posted a short one shot of a piece I did for class. You should go ahead and read it and leave me a little critique; it's only a little over 1,000 words so it should only take a few short minutes. Well, I'll update this next time I upload a story or chapter so I'll talk to you then! Ciao!

My Stories

An Anecdote of My Life as A Male Rock Star

Aaren Visser is a recent college grad with a music degree in her pocket and a whole life ahead of her. Although Aaren frequently plays her cello in a local symphony, there has always been a desire deep within her being to join a rock band as a bassist. The good news is that Aaren's agent has an audition for her lined up with the popular band, Stella. And the bad news? Tryouts are male only. In Progress.


Freja Beha Erichsen as Aaren Visser

Alfonso Alcaraz as Mathias Eby

Stephane Olivier as Thom Coleman


Jackson Rado as Clayton Donaldson

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