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12-12-09: because you guys are awesome and deserve an explanation I'm going to give you one. I'm moving all of my stories from this account back to my main one. simply because . . . well having two accounts was fun at first, but now, now it's just annoying. I have to sign into one account to update or reply to reviews or PMs then I have to sign out onto this one then back to the other one and it just becomes tiring and hard for me to reply to you guys when I don't really feel like signing out of my main account, as I stay signed in that one. it's the one I review with and the one I favor and alert things on. as you can see. so I'm doing this one story at a time though as I don't feel like rushing this. whispers in the dark will be up on the other account and so is game, labyrinth I'll repost on there when secret sun is finished. :) thank you for the amazing support I got from you guys on this account however, and I'm sorry if this has confused or burdened anyone in anyway. but this is what I've decided to do. hopefully you'll support that. ;D ja!

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