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Alright, Im mad. my best fanfictions were erased, just because of 's "no writing about real people" rule. I mean, It's supposed to be a Fan Fiction site that just has Fanfictions. Then they added originals.That was problem one. Then later, They put up other features, and later still, Originals get popular.
needs to make room. What do they take out? The Fics that "write about real people." Personally, I don't think that it's up to them what we post on a site that was supposed to be dedicated to pieces of writing. Aparently they've gotten even pickier then they alread are. And about taking out NC-17 fics... Why? Too many complaints? HA! It asks if you're over 17 before it even conects you to the fic, it's you're fault if you think it's too graphic or whatever the complaints were! To me, it seems that the staff just needed even MORE room for the Original fics. If you ask me, I think the staff should create a sister site for only the originals. Then, maybe, if is "nice"(or smart, for that matter) they'll bring back our Music group fics, TV Show fics, NC-17 fics, and everything else they've taken away! And they'll take out theOriginals, and move them to that sister site.

Also, about the One Sentence Bios: it forgot to include about the chapters. They are as included as followed:

chapter 1: Yu-Gi-Oh
chapter 2: Pokemon
Chapter 3: Legend of Zelda
chapter 4: Hamtaro
*BONUS* Chapter 5: 'Nsync
*DOUBLE BONUS* chapter 6: US!