Cross The Rainbow And You Die
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About the Authors:

Tabs: A thoughtful writer, who will kick the butt of flamers and horrible reviewers. Especially the ones that pick out her friends (rawr). She loves bunnies and being spazztic... and is writing this at 3:30 in the morning... so sleepy... yawn Draws like a freaky weirdo that likes chibis'. Looks so kawaii that she gets glomped randomly.

Lynn: A very sarcastic soccer player... loves manga and yaoi... especially Naruto yaoi... and the color purple, and the bands Breaking Benjamin and Porcelain and The Tramps. Obsessor of the reading and singing. Likes to blast music... techno... gets weird looks all the time for random things... including her love of goth, cybergoth, punk, and alternative clothing... loves razzles and chocolate... her hair changes practically monthly. Feel free to tell her how much you love her :P

Nina: A kleptomaniac who will laugh at anything at 3:30 in the morning... likes to draw and read and... write obviously. The snapshionally challenged (can't snap) person who came up with our insanely awsome freaky name... dang... emo... likes yaoi... acid punk/rock/metal/screamo/emo etc. music... constructive critisism is welcome just don't be extremely harsh about it. 0.o


'Holy crap your retarded!'- Tabs

'Don't touch me! I'm very sensative'- Nina

'I wasn't spacing out...I just wasn't listening'- Lynn

'Emo boys?! Where?!'- Nina

'It's as bad as you think, and they are out to get you'- Lynn (her signature quote)

'I'm sorry I'm not interested (sighs)'- Tabs

We're a group of random people who decided to write stories together and be crazy insane... unlike you people. Each chapter will be written by a different person from before (unless notified). We hope you like our insaneness. Most people do, but then some just find us completely psycho... we wonder why... actually we know why.

Currently, we quit with our story. This is because we are really busy, and we aren't happy with what we started with. We need to have a meeting and come up with an actual plotline. -dramatic pause- Anyways we should have our stuff rewritten eventually. Until then, if you are waiting for what happens in He Should Have Been Straight, please contact us and it will help us get it all together. Or if you have ideas, feel free to tell us. Love you readers! This is Lynn by the way, cause I think I'm the only one who remembers the password... XD hehe.

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