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I'm a cheese-loving scratch that, food loving amazing,brilliant -insert more wondrous description -girl.Debbie says: She is a super-hot babe in a high school uniform. When you're reading her fiction you're not allowed to drool all over the screen 'kay? .

Okay who am i kidding ..i'm a average boring schoolgirl with self-esteem issues.

She do walking for sport that says all right???

Oh geez ..thanks for publicising the fact I am totally inept at sport.I can't be bother to fight back since keyboard fights always ends up like get my point.

Btw whoever is reading this right now should not think that she has a split personality and is talking to herself- it just that her super, uber, koooooool friend, Debbie is typing too :).

That's it im never goning to write my profile in class ESPECIALLY with Debbie next to me.It's so sad that I'm intimidated by a girl shorter than me.Also this is meant help me self promote myself but no...I'm now known as the girl who suck at sports and have serious issues.

About me: Live in Sydney,164cm,15yrs old this year.

Stories coming up:

Started with a I-love-you: While listening to her Mp3 before a car crash,the last thing Elaine heard was I love you.Convinced that the love of her life said that to her,she went out to find this guy.And how convienent is the fact that he's THE super hot teenage heart-throb of the century?So the dreamer found him living the dream .Is there a bridge to connect the two completely different worlds?

Minds :Another dumb girl who falls for someone that's impossible to get.Freud-the uber smart,good looking,rich ass.But nothing is impossible with the help of minds -a program that enable you to send documents/files directly to your brain and her what she got buried inside her should help too...and review please since I'm not gonna write more unless I get people saying they are actually interested.

Prince Charming, Prince Alarming by the panty thief reviews
Evelyn's Prince Charming doesn't ride a horse he rides a pink tricycle. He also reads mens' magazines and smutty romance novels like Steamy Nights with a Stranger. After finding out, she tries to expose him, but...?[STORY COMPLETED, first parody up!]
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Minds reviews
My shirt says 'Love is made'. Okay.the present tense of made is making right? So wouldn't it be like making love? So basically I'm wearing a shirt saying 'I had sex'.Charming.Nevermind the fact the new,HOT,guy thinks I'm a retard and I hate him.Really.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,270 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Published: 6/20/2007