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Hi everyone!

My name is Angela, and I live in California, and I'm a 16 year old High School student, who loves to write/read and watch CSI. Lestat, by the way is my favorite bisexual vampire in the Vampire Chronicles (you have to read it! It's so cool) written by my favorite author Anne Rice. I love CSI, like I said, House and NCIS. My favorite books are The Vampire Lestat, The Vampire Armand, Rainbow Boys, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breathing Underwater, Breaking Point, Shattering Glass, and If you Leave Me. My best buddy, Nigel, told me about Fiction Press, and I'm so happy he did because I love this site, and I love reading all of your wonderful stories!

About my books: A Safe Place, is a chapter of my book, The Story of Derrick LaViere which is part of a bigger series called Perfect. (And no, it's not about some girl making herself throw up and obsessing over weight, like that other Perfect book.) It's about a White/Hispanic 14-year-old girl named Daniela Smith, who's...well...perfect. (I know that sounds tacky saying it like that, but its not a boring story, believe me. It's kind of hard to explain how she has become perfect, but I'll try to post more of my stuff on the site so you can know what's with that perfection stuff.) Derrick LaViere is basically Alex LaViere's father, and Alex is Daniela's boyfriend. Derrick doesn't play that big of a role in Perfect. I just love his character so I decided to make a whole separate book for him.

Perfect: The lovely main character of Perfect is Daniela Smith, like I said, who's stubborn, and wild and unpredictable. She lives in Henderson, Virgina (Don't try to find it on a map, becuase it doesn't exist.) which is somewhere close to Virgina Beach, and not that far away from Washington D.C. Maybe somewhere near Alexandria. Henderson's population is about 2,000. And most of the population, besides Daniela and her 3 best friends and their families, are all white. Yeah, pretty sad.

So back to Daniela. She's 14, and in High School, with no father (dead beat who ran away) and an actress mother, with a boyfriend who is totally creepy. Daniela's first boyfriend, Cody, was killed in a car acciedent a year before the book is set, and she's still in mourning. Also, she has two other ex-boyfriends: Shane CarMichael, who is your average jock, except for that fact that he has a fiery temper, which ended their relationship once he slapped her. And then there is Bobby Rodriguez. God, I love him! He's the sweetest guy...but more of a friend than a boyfriend to Daniela. Also, Bobby's father hates her (becuase he thinks she is a slut), so that just put more strain on their relationship. And finally there is Alex LaViere.

Alex LaViere is the sweetest boy you could know. He is polite and kind and has the sexiest French accent, and huge silver eyes like his father's. But the reason for Alex's kindness and gentleness is quite depressing. Alex grew up in an abusive household, and was sexually assulted by a priest when he was only 5 years old. He's an extremely affectionate person, who constantly seeks aproval from those around him. He feels that he's not good enough for anyone, even if he seems flawless to an outsider.

Alex considers Daniela his Angel. The day he met her, he was considering suicide, but once he ran into her, he felt that he finally had something to live for. In my book, there is this very beautiful lullaby that my grandfather came up with (with some edits by me) called Angel Land, that is a major factor in Daniela and Alex's relationship.

"Off we go to Angel land/ were there's lots of toys/ we'll have fun in Angel land/ with all the girls and boys./" Doesn't sound like much, but it can sound quite creepy if you sing it right.

The Story of Derrick LaViere: A Safe Place (My friend came up with the name, but please, I am open to suggestions for a new title name) could be a stand alone short story, like my mom says, but I want it in my book. A Safe Place is one of the most significant chapters in the first part of the book, with 14 year old Derrick LaViere, who's struggling to understand the difference between a healthy relationship and molestation. Derrick grew up in the French Riviera in the late 70's-early 80's in an extremely rich neighborhood, where religion was everything, and you weren't really entitled to your own opinions. His father and mother had an arranged marriage, but after his mother reached her 20's, his father, Yves LaViere, wouldn't touch her, because he thought she was "too old" for him. (This is a guy who spends his time seducing teen aged girls, and making love to them, and forcing his son Derrick to watch.) Very sick, I know. Yves abused Derrick mentally and physically his entire life, and Derrick was extremely effected emotionally (Derrick claims many times that he was unable to feel certain emotions because of his father's abuse.) But the abuse didn't stop there. Derrick's mother, Racquel LaViere sexually asulted Derrick since he was 10 years old, because, she claimed, he "looks so much like his father." And because she was "lonely". Derrick suffered through deciding whether he loved his mother as a lover or as a parent. Derrick is a very complex character, and even if he is portrayed as a complete psychopath in Perfect, we can sort of get a sense of why he is like that in The Story of Derrick LaViere. I love A Safe Place, becuase you feel so happy for Derrick now that he had finally found someone he could relate to, finally someone who could understand him. It's a very dark chapter, but very beautiful, and deep.

Perfect is basically my life work, so I'd love it if you guys could give me feed back about it. I love suggestions too. I really want to improve as a writer, that's why I'm posting my stuff on FictionPress.com. I want to know what other people think about my stuff.

Enjoy! (Sorry about spelling errors.)

P.S: Sigh. It's been like 3 weeks since I posted my first story and I've gotten 56 hits but no reviews. More sighs. Please, if you're checking out my profile right now, send me a review on my story. (I'm not afraid of criticism) I just want to know what people think of my stuff. Thanks! I love you all!

Update: I just posted a new chapter called Free. It's part of Perfect, not from The Story of Derrick LaViere. And it's about Daniela and Alex's relationship and how they confess their secrets to each other of their past abuse. I'm fucking pissed! When I posted Free onto fiction press, the text for the Evanescence song Understanding got fucked majorly. Here's how it's supossed to look:

Understanding: by Evanescence

The pain that grips you
The fear that binds you
Releases life in me
In our mutual shame we hide our eyes
To blind them from the truth
That finds a way from who we are

Can't wash it all away
Can't wish it all away
Can't cry it all away
Can't scratch it all away

Lying beside you, listening to you breathe
The life that flows inside of you burns inside of me
Cast me not away, say you'll be with me
For I know I cannot bear it all alone

Can't fight it all away
Can't hope it all away
Can't scream it all away
It just won't fade away

Can't wash it all away
Can't wish it all away
Can't cry it all away
Can't hope it all away

Just so yeah know. I love the song. It's so perfect for the chapter Free. While I was writing A Safe Place, I had the Evanescence song Like You in my head. If you dont know it, it goes like this:

Like You: by Evanescence

Stay low.
Soft, dark, and dreamless,
Far beneath my nightmares and loneliness.
I hate me,
For breathing without you.
I don't want to feel anymore for you.

Grieving for you,
I'm not grieving for you.
Nothing real love can't undo,
And though I may have lost my way,
All paths lead straight to you.

I long to be like you,
Lie cold in the ground like you.

Blinding wall between us.
Melt away and leave us alone again.
The humming, haunted somewhere out there.
I believe our love can see us through in death.

I long to be like you,
Lie cold in the ground like you.
There's room inside for two and I'm not grieving for you,
I'm coming for you.

You're not alone,
No matter what they told you, you're not alone.
I'll be right beside you forevermore.

I long to be like you, sis,
Lie cold in the ground like you did.
There's room inside for two and I'm not grieving for you.

And as we lay in silent bliss,
I know you remember me.

I long to be like you,
Lie cold in the ground like you.
There's room inside for two and I'm not grieving for you,
I'm coming for you.

I was thinking about Brianna and he parents and sister at the time. I love Evanescence by the way. Their my favorite band. Oh shit this profile is getting too long. I'll probably make a separate web page for it (once I figure out how to). Love you guys as always! Bye Darlings:) :) :0 :) :)

Update: YOOOWHOOO!! I am offically celibrating my 100th hit on my first story A Safe Place. Thank you to everyone who reviewed my stuff. I totally love you! And for all you Derrick fans out there, I got another story ready for the uploading, with Derrick and another person from his past/present Alyssa. Note: Derrick and Brianna are not brother and sister. They are not blood brother and sister, I mean. She is adopted by the LaViere family and is not related to Derrick in any way. Yeah, I know it's kind of weird that Derrick is sort of in love with his adopted sister, but hey, that's teenaged drama for yeah. (You should read my other stuff on my lap top, which was by the way stolen from my house, but any way, I'm talking blood son in love with his blood mother stuff going on. Very creepy.) I'll post it in a few day's but I'm kind of busy with World History AP summer homework right now. And then keep getting distracted by Eclipse by Stephaine Meyer sitting on my desk and end up reading it instead of doing homework and instead of posting. Ug. Now I'm writing instead of posting. Procrastinator much? Yep. I promise to update. Love yeah:) :) :0 :) :)

Update: Just posted "Yacht" my new story. Sorry about the title. I so cant come up with anything else. I know, I know Venice is spelled V-e-n-i-c-e. I was rushing. Sorry. It's like 2 in the morning, and I cant consintrate on world histroy, so here you go. Enjoy! I'll post something else you:) :):0:):)

Update: I need help! I have a serious case of writters block. Like very, very serious! I cant think of anything to write, either about Derrick or any of my other characters! I've never had writters block before, so this is kind of freeky. :( I really love writing, and so I'm hell of freaked out about this. Last year, I wrote and wrote and wrote, but wasent doing so well in school, and now that I'm like a 4.33 GPA student, all my creativity is like sucked out of me. It'sreally depressing.:( I dont want to have to chose between my favorite thing to do (and my life's passion) over school. That's just fucking hard. Any advice on how to get over writers block? Any suggestions on any of my stories?

Update: I'M BACK!! You didnt think I was going to leave you guy's did you? I am working on a new story for A Safe Place a.k.a The Story of Derrick LaViere. Called either Shannon or Innocence havent descided which yet. But it's coming along. It's already 10 pages. (you know a little short for me lol.) But I love the way it's turning out. It's about Shannon, Alyssa's 12-year-old sister who is convinced by her bitch sister to come on the Yacht with her and Addison. (But she doesent tell her that she's probably going to get raped by Yves.) So Derrick has to come to the resque. It's sweet and you get to meet the knew spunky character Shannon (who ends up beining Derrick's wife). Any way, my procrastination/ writers block is sort of going away. Like today I wrote like 4 pages, so thats good. I'm getting my grove back. lol. And I'm happy to announce my 300 hits on A Safe Place, and I'm very happy about that. I'll update my story soon. Promise. Happy holidays!

Update: 1/2/08 Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I'm continuing with the Innocence chapter and I think it's going to be called Innocence Part 2. Yeah I know, a sucky title but ohhh weeelll. I got like hella reviews just all of a sudden ever since I updated and so I am totally in shock. And because of my beloved reviewers, I am going to update reallly really soon! Like a week?? I've already done like another 10 pages, and it's looking pretty good. Man. I am soooo depressed that break is almost over. :( But there's always spring break right? Any way, you'll be seeing my new stuff pretty soon so dont get your panties (or boxers) in a bunch because I left you hanging with the cliff hanger. I'll be back!!

Update: 1/21/08 Hi everyone! I'm sorry that I havent updated yet like I promised, but it's finals week and I'm kind of stressed. :/ But I'm almost done with the chapter, and I havent yet desided if I'm going to split it up into two different chapters or not. I probably should, considering its probably going to end up being 30 pages! ;) Oh yeah, by the way, I'm celibrating my 400 hits on A Safe Place! So yeah, once finals is over, I'll keep writing. Wish me luck! And good luck to you all who have to suffer with me for finals!

Update: Okay. I know it's been like a fucking month, but I have finished another portion of my stuff so it will be up in a matter of days. Promise. :P Also, I am celibrating my 400 hits on my A SAFE PLACE story! ; Yep, so it will be up soon.

Update: 2/24/08 500 hits on A SAFE PLACE!!

Update: 3/10/08 600 hits on A SAFE PLACE!!

Update: 5/30/08 Yeah, I'm so sorry I havent updated in like forever. ; I have some stuff for The Story of Derrick LaViere but none are completed yet. Sorry. I'm close though! I've kind of doubled back to the time after Brianna is raped. The morning after. It's pretty good and I have like... I dont know 17 pages? Anyway, I'll get that done soon, but don't be shocked or pissed if I don't update until the end of schoo; :P Also... 700 hits on A SAFE PLACE!!

Update: 7/3/08 Yeah... i havent updated cause i'm stuck... sorry everyone. i'm trying to write really. just some time. and then i'll post again. 800 hits on A Safe Place.

Update: 8/27/09 People people people! It's been forever! I'm 17 now, looking at going to Ithaca College in NY and starting the horrible application process. :P Basically, I need to write shit. I realize this. Summer is about to end, and Senior year begins (WOOT class of '10 !!) and I want to really finish the Story of Derrick LaViere because I love Derrick and he has really taken shape as a character. I really want to write his story down because I know what's going to happen already, but I can't find the time. But I'll make the time, don't you worry! C; 1,455 hits on A Safe Place!!

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