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Where to start? Lets see. My name is Alexandria, friends and family call me Alex. God I hate my name. Now I know some of you are thinking, why? Alexandria a pretty name. Yes, it is, but it also a name that everybody and their mama have. Couldn’t my mom have picked a better name that not everyone has. I mean I’m not one of those people who go out of their way so they’re not like anyone else, but I do want to be a little different. I mean really was it that hard to come up with a name unlike anyone else. I guess so.

Now that you know my dislike for my name, I think its time for me to finish telling you a little about me.. I am 75 percent black And 25 percent Mexican. I am 5'5( although I want to be 5'6, I know some of you say, its just a inch, but damn it I want that inch.). Just in case you haven’t notice, I am a girl! I am a thick girl. I’m not fat, just thick. My skin is lighter then the caramel color.(some say that I’m piss color. How sad.) I'm also some-what pretty. Now before you say what a conceited bitch, trust me I’m not conceited. My mom raised me to know that no matter how beautiful a person is there always some who’s better.

By the way I am a Gemini so my mind tend to wonder from time to time. so Sorry if I get of topic.( like now.).

I do have a fanfiction and a mediaminer. My username is the same for my MediamMiner but my FanFiction name is BlueIceStone. I even have a myspace. My username on myspace is; ~Tazzy~. So if you want you can hit my up, there. LOL

I love to reading and writing. The only problem is I’m lazy, and because of that I’ve never finished a story. I going to try and finish my newest stories Circles, Bestfriends and Experiencing Love. Also, I'm not the best writer in the wrold. So I don't expect my stories to do that good, but who cares. I love writing and I will keep writing until my heart is content. (did i spell that right? oh well)


Circles Summary: that little box does not allow enough room, so I’m going to give you the real summary. The main character is a girl named Alex. She just turned 18 and is now on her last summer break before she starts college. In the first chapter, Alex find out that her ex-boyfriend is coming into town and is going to be living with her. Lloyd, her ex-boyfriend is the hottest and biggest playboy around. It starts getting harder and harder for Alex to hate him. Even thought what he did to her is still fresh in her mind.

P.S. I tend to change the title a lot so you mite want to try and remember my name. Also there are a lot of mistakes in the first few chapters. (I was to lazy to send them to my editor.) but I want to say that chapter 7 and on, have been edited. I think

Bestfriends Summary: Drea and Adrian are bestfriend. Adrian is the schools biggest playboy, and Drea is desired by every male in the school. Both of them swear that they don’t love each other more than brother and sister. But once the two start playing a deadly game. They start to realize they have more than friendly feeling towards each other.

Experiencing Love Summary: A story about three sisters who are as different as day and night. Each has their own opinion about love and is set in their ways. But what the girls don’t realize is fate has a different plan for them. All three girls experience love in completely different way. The question is will they except this new love?

I hope you enjoy my story and the many more stories I plan to write.

Thank you!

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I Wanna Be reviews
“Do you love her Christian?” I ask. “Lea, I love your sister with everything I am.” he says and I feel my heart break with every word he says. And without thinking, acting purely on rage I wrap my arms around his neck and I kiss him.
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Circles reviews
Mix signals is all Alex gets from her exboyfriend Lloyd. He say one thing, then does another. It also doesn’t help that every other day she finds out some big secret from his past. To Alex, it just seems like she's been going in circles.
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Lexi doesn't believe in love, Faith is obsessed with love, and LaTea thinks she's found love. Determined to end up nothing like their mother, can these three sister let go of their past to find real Love? Another summary on my profile
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He's the playboy, that breaks little girls hearts. She's the girl, that every boy wants. They're bestfriends. And both of them, don't believe in love! To bad faith has other plans in store for them!
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a small poem about the little things, that hold us back!
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