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Well, my real name is none of your business, I live in a place that gets cold in the winter (really cold). I just graduated high school and I am going to college in a place that gets even colder because I'm dumb like that. I'm less than a hundred miles south of the Canadian border, if that's any indication. I have a cat named Annie. Most of my friends' sanity is questionable.

Okay. My favorites:milk, chocolate, raspberries, writing stories (obviously), reading, playing video games, goofing off with friends, watching movies, daydreaming

Movies: Howl's Moving Castle, 3 Men and a Baby, Disney stuff, Nightmare before Christmas, The Breakfast Club

Books: I like fantasy and romance, but my favorite ever is the Mediator series by Meg Cabot. As for Twilight (because everyone wants an opinion on that these days) the first one is okay, as long as I selectivly read it/fill in the blanks. After the first one though, they weren't quite as good. Breaking Dawn, however, was terrible. Almost didn't finish that one. Tried re-reading it over winter break, didn't even get half-way through. Good for you for those who like it, but it's not my favorite.

Video Games: Legend of Zelda (Specifically Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess),Mariokart series, WildARMs series for the PS2 (AltercodeF&2 anyway, and NO I haven't finished either one), Pokemon series, especially Gold, Silver, Crystal and their remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver. I have a Ho-oh figurine because I pre-ordered, and all my pokemon are nicknamed after food!! Like any of you care. SuperSmashBrothers series is fun when I'm in the mood, I'm having fun with Sonic Unleashed for my PS2, Tales of Symphonia (Which I STILL need to finish), Mario Golf and Tennis for the N64 (I haven't gotten my hands on the GameCube ones yet)

Dislikes: Citrus fruits, carrots, iceberg lettuce, peppers, rap music, The Pearl by John Steinbeck, The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway, my sociology class, any chemistry class, writer's block, drunk people running around the dorms yelling at three in the morning, stupid people in general, Nintento Wii (What is wrong with regular controllers Nintendo? Your stupid Wiimotes work like CRAP!! Thank goodness I don't own one. My cousins do.) first-person shooter video games, Zelda games that are in 2D because I can't see CRAP in them and therefore I find impossible to play

I am almost constantly plauged with writer's block. I'm also trying to write too many stores all at once, and I'm in college. It's not working too well. I'm drowning actually. T_T Stupid homework.

Also note, while I do feel touched when I get favorited or story alerts or whatever, please leave reveiws. They mean for more to me because I like hearing people's voices, or something like that, and I love constructive criticism.

BTW: Ninja squirrel (you know who you are) if you have private messages for me, don't leave them in reviews. just e-mail me them

Stuff I have completed:


In Progess:

The only one currently posted on here. Anne's going to college, a demon (Zashteth) is sent by Lucifer to keep an eye on her. He ends up making more trouble than she had dreamed up. Some Christianity stuff is minorly messed with for the purpose of the story. Currently T rated, could probably get by with a K+. No plans for it to go up. Dunno how long this one will go. Recently hit 10,000 words!!
The character Zashteth was inspired by Clamp's manga, Wish, or rather Koryu the demon, also by Acess from the manga Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by Arina Tanemura. There's a bit of Earl Cain from Kaori Yuki's manga Godchild in there too. More recently is the manga Mugen Spiral.

Raven's Tears:
About a half demon's life. After seeing his mother brutally killed, he is raised by the clan of raven demons with the intention of him being their saving grace, becoming a ruthless, savage beast in the process. Can a few people turn him around? My NaNoWriMo attempt of 2008, got to around 35,000 words at the end of the month. Probably T rated, leaning towards the M end as opposed to Zashteth because of adult themes, the main character's mouth, blood, implied rape, stuff in general I guess. Catagores would probably be Romance and Supernatural. Now at nearly fifty thousand words and still on page two of the vauge ten page outline I never completed. Meaning I'm probably only about ten percent done. Oh my gosh. Just realized that. If ever published in book form, it will probably need to be more than one book. Basically, this could end up as long as the Twilight saga. Dunno. Working on this one for about a year, the difference between legth of time and length of story compared to next one is due to NaNoWriMo.
Not originally mine, but adopted from a friend who never has time to write, a few twists were put in myself.

The Kauri Chronicles (three proposed volumes, may end up being one big book with three parts.)
Previously posted on here, but due to a lack of reception, I took it down. Mystery guy Kes gets a quest interrupted by Ara, niece of the Water Clan Elder. She's bright, optimistic and full of boundless energy, not to mention desperately trying to hide a huge crush on the cryptic Kes. Joined by their spirit partners, they travel all around Minataria for reasons he is determined to not reveal. Crap happens, secrets are revealed and I add more characters. There also ends up being a giant love. . .well, it's not a triangle, cause there's too many people. Pentagon? Hexagon? I don't know if that one guy counts. But you get the idea. Would be K+ if it weren't for that one scene with all that blood in it. . . Put up in the Fantasy catagory and added Romance as a sub-type. Currently at sixty thousand words and done with part one! Depending on what ends up happening in part two, part three could end up being very short. Been working on it for three years now. Yeah, I know I write slow.
Adopted from The Ninja Squirrel because she got bored with it, or something. My own twists got put in by accident and then it kind of exploded out of control. Well, controlled chaos.

NaNo09-working title
My NaNoWriMo attemt for 2009, got to about 20,000-ish words. The character Elliot is kind of just trying his best to avoid boredom his senior year of high school and ends up dragging Matt along with him, a kid who's been anti-social since a mysterious house fire a few years back that left his little sister crippled, and he blames himself for it. Probaby Supernatural and Friendship, and I'm trying to write it with no major romance in at at all, which ends up in all my stories. Probably K+ for a rating.
There is no real plot planned out, it's just coming as I write. So it didn't really come from anything or get inspired by anything. Except Elliot's boredom. Seriously, I had no plans to do NaNoWriMo this year, as I had no ideas, or time for that matter, but he appeared out of no where, and was like "OMG I'M SO BORED!! Write a story with me in it, okay?" Originally, Matt didn't even exist, it was going to be about him and a guy named Kyle, but Elliot got bored of Kyle after about two pages and dragged Matt out instead. Poor Matt.

I'm also currently working on two fanfictions, one for Naruto and one for Digimon. They're a nice break because I don't feel I have to take them as seriously as these original writings, mostly because I'll never get them published. And besides, they're fun. Stuff on this site, hopefully will get published someday. If I ever finish anything. If you're interested, I'm over on under the same name.

Started, would like to finish eventually:

Prince-san-working title
A young prince's kingdom is taken over as his father dies, he gets put with the slaves, only to escape years later to reclaim his kingdom. Joined by a sorceress, they learn there is more going on behind the scenes than they thought. The biggest reason I want to get back to this is in the one chapter written, I've established the villain and the villain is my favorite bad guy I have written as of yet. There was lots of backstory stuff going on in there, and I'd like to go at it again. Would probably end up T for bloody stuff, and Fantasy and Romance for catagories.
Originally inspired by a trophy in the video game Super Smash Brothers Melee, Marth's classic trophy. Because Marth is freaking awesome. Him, Zelda/Sheik and Pit, even though I don't have Brawl because the Nintento Wii is CRAP.

Xander-working title
Also named after the main character, or one of them. The other one is a girl named Charlotte. Her family just moved and when she goes to school, she meet a guy who seems like he should be a part of the popular crowd, but for unknown reasons, he isn't. She of course gets curious and finds out he's a vampire. NOT TWILIGHT! Even though this summery makes it sound like it. There aren't even any werewolves. That's a different story. T-rated. Because it's about vampires. So there's blood. Lots. Duh. I seem to have a lot of blood in my stories. . . Romance and Supernatural. Currently three attempts at starting it, but no dice. There are some parts in the middle written in a notebook.
This one came from a dream actually, of Xander. There wasn't an actual plot or anything, he just appeared and seemed to be there, in a field of white. Made no sense at the time, but when I woke up, I had a story idea.

Fish Out of Water
Um, guy in lacrosse, girl with a fear of men just moved there. Her new friends, who make a database of every student in the school out of boredom, make her get close to him because he is interested in her. Don't remember where this was eventually going to go anymore, but I fell in love with the characters. Was posted on here, but I got stuck, so I took it down when I was re-doing things on here. Had only about three pages written. Based on the direction it was going, it would be K+. Romance and. . .something else. Plot, where are you?
Don't remember where this one came from actually.

Full Moon-working title
This is my werewolf story I mentioned earlier. This one is more from the guy's perspective, a guy that is able to have a pretty normal life despite the fact that he's a werewolf. No one knows what he is except his adoptive mother. But of course, it can't stay like that, can it? It starts with his high school soccer team going to state. Which just happens to fall around the full moon. Yeah, he knows he's screwed. Only a few pages of this one too, but I had fun writing that. This one's bound to get violent too, so I'd say T-rated. Definatly Supernatural, maybe Romance. Or Friendship, depending on how involved the unnamed girl ends up being.
I think this one was a dream after hearing a story idea of The Ninja Squirrel's.

Never came up with a title for this one, but I did a little with it in sixth grade when we had to write short stories. I wrote one about a girl who defended the little kids from bullies trying to steal their candy on Halloween. I really liked the girl. She had dressed up as a cat girl and she just stuck. Got an idea of there being a whole alternate dimension she traveled to because she had to save it, another guy also in the same position who hates her for reasons I don't remember. Lost the draft I started, but I would like to try going at this story again. At the time, definatly K, or K+ if a girl using a slingshot is too violent. With my current maturity, it would be at least K+ now, could end up being T if I go too far. Probably Fantasy and something or another.
Short story idea came from last minute panic because I procrastinated, as usual. The rest of it was a sick dream, I think. Don't remember very well anymore, that one was a long time ago. Some inspiration came from a friend's video game for the PS2, I think it was called Dark Cloud or something.

NaNoWriMo 2006-working title
My first NaNoWriMo attempt. There wasn't one in 2007. Anyway, a girl is greiving over something, it is slowly revealed that her boyfriend died. She goes to his funeral, comes home to find his ghost. Now she has to deal with a ghostly version of her mischevious boyfriend. Didn't make it in NaNo because I was about half done with the story at 7,000 words, we try to get to fifty thousand for those of you who don't know. Anyway, it got put aside because of other projects and was never finished. Liked Brandon, the dead boyfriend. And I got a kick out of the girl's name, Jody Pie. It was an inside joke between me and a friend.

Waiting for May
Girl named April is depressed because she doesn't have friends, her family ignores her, blah blah blah. . . Yeah, when you're depressed, everything seems to suck, whether it actually does or not. Anyhoo, April is crying in the girl's bathroom, gets magically transported by mystery person to. . .some other dimension, I guess. Anyway, everyone loves her there, except this one guy. They've never spoken and he absolutely loathes her upon sight. His name was Tori, I think. So as she's getting acclimated to this new life of hers, she has to deal with that delinquent. He smokes, he does various other drugs, he's violent, etc. And of course, there's some other stuff going on behind the scenes. About twelve pages long so far, rated T because Tori has a really bad mouth, plus there's some other adult stuff. And Tori's drugs. Oh boy, plenty of those. And no, April does not go tripping on drugs, that's not why she traveled to the other dimension. Can't remember for the life of me where it came from. Did have a couple of wonderful songs for it I found, but they got lost during the great Shift of '09.


Magical Adventures 1, 2, 3 and 4
Yeah. Lame titles, I know, not to mention each 'part' was about four pages each in a notebook. This was my first attempt at a story, back in third grade. The main girl was named Alex, short for Alexandria, because I thought that was a freaking awesome name, was eleven. A wizard halloween costume somehow forced her to discover her magic powers, then her younger sister Kari got them, but not her older brother because he was a jerk, or some stupid reason like that. Because I was a moronic eight year-old and created Tim only for the purpose of bashing him, that was it. Then for whatever reason, they moved out of their house to a giant castle with monsters in it, they find little magic creatures that are their partners, the brother gets stuck taking care of a baby dragon and some other crap like that. I had just finished reading the first three harry potter books over a period of two days and it was a total rip off of that, especially the first part. If I ever go back and redo that story, not to mention give it some sort of ending, it will be vastly different and not full of plot holes. In an old notebook somewhere because my mother doesn't think I should burn it like it deserves.

Nanashi-working title
First of my actual attempts of a novel in recent years, started in eighth grade. Took place in feudal Japan. An assasin, who was possesed by a demon, gets caught and nearly dies, but a princess saves him, not knowing he's the famous assassin, Nanashi, which means 'nameless'. Anyway, he integrated as someone who had amnesia, which he sort of did have due to the demon's influence. Anyway, the demon's hold weakens because of the princess, but when he sees a picture of the girl's deceased mother, the demon comes rushing back in because he killed the girl's mother. The girl remembers who he is, as she watched him kill her mother, he tries to kill the princess, ends up banishing the demon by stabbing himself and practically dying. The girl's dead mom does some crap and he's alive again, everything's all good. Abandoned because I got stuck, and since I haven't written on it in ages, I think it's considered abandoned. Had only about five pages of it written. Inspired slightly by the Rurouni Kenshin manga.

Yoko-working title
Japanese exchange student to an American college named Yoko. Grandaughter of the owner of a Shinto shrine, so she knows how to banish demons and stuff. She goes over to America, finds a bunch of supernatural stuff and she has to seal it away and what-not. Is joined part of the way through by a guy. Named him John because it made me laugh. (the Beatles anyone?) After defeating second to last 'thing', she realizes he's a werewolf, she's supposed to kill him. but she doesn't, because, of course, she loves him. Crap happens, they have to run away to her home back in Japan. Never figured out the ending. Never got a good start on it either. Mostly abandoned because of other projects.
Actually came from a school project, we had to make a database about mythical creatures with some info the teacher gave us. Mostly silly stuff, like the werewolf's favorite color was blue and his best feature was his "hair". Dumb project, but it got me thinking.

Slowly Going Crazy
Actually an original story that somehow turned into a Twilight fanfic halfway through what I wrote. A girl, who turns out to be Alice, to my greatest suprise, gets admitted to a mental ward. Meets all the other main vampires there, plus Jacob. Carlisle and Esme are the doctors of their small group, but everyone else has issues. Was fun to write the end with all of them in it, but I ran out of any form of plot after a few pages, so it is in the back of my file for me to pull out and laugh at once in a while. Not something I'd put up anywhere, but it was just to show you how a couple of my fiction stories somehow turn into fanfics, which kind of annoys me, to tell you the truth. But they're fun to write, so whatever.

Gosh, a lot of "crap" happens in my stories. I just say that because I either don't remember what it was that happened and am substituting, I don't want to spoil the plot because I intend to put it up here someday, or I'm too lazy to type it all out. I'm sure there are more stories, but those are all I can think of for now. I suppose this is here so you can pick what you want me to write next, if I ever finish any of my current projects. Not that anyone ever reads author's profiles but me anyway!

And this has nothing to do with anything, but why does my dorm smell like fish?

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