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The Dark Path of Romance is the direct sequel to A Date with Angel. You shouldn't need to read the first before reading the second, but it couldn't hurt. As before, I'll be posting new chapters every so often until it is done in a year or two.

A Date with Angel is a romantic comedy story that starts off with neither character at all interested in the other. The attraction happens over time, with much resistance on the part of the main character. Its a story in clear violation of the Keep It Simple, Stupid rule, with numerous theories and accusations thrown about. Rated M for content later in the story. Sold via Amazon and Audible. Also available for free borrowing via Kindle Unlimited.

If you like it or have comments, please review! And thanks for giving it a shot!

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The Dark Path of Romance reviews
A sequel that finally answers the question 'where the hell is book two? Kim and her girlfriend Angel's new job searching for signs of alien activity hasn't gone unnoticed. Naomi would rather find love and live on Earth than enslave it, and wants Angel's secret of independence for herself. Can Naomi and her love interest survive Angel's potentially fatal attempts at matchmaking?
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Kim's ordinary life became complicated when she met Angel, a woman she immediately identified as an alien attempting to pass for human. She did what any other science fiction geek would do and invited her home to live with her. F/F
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