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About Me: I'm 19. I love to write. My imagination sometimes runs wild and gives me a lot of crazy ideas that somehow make an amazing story. I'm very involved around my college campus and I love hanging out with my friends. I live in Ohio out in the middle of a cornfield somewhere. I'm obsessed with Charmed...(my favorite of the sisters has been and always will be Phoebe).

((more added later...when I get stories up))


Loving Cupid : Cupids are chosen for many different reasons: they're lucky in love, good at helping others find love, or very rarely they are chosen because of one pure act of love. Tiona Cooper was in love once. Then he cheated on her. But Tiona still helped him when his girl was in danger. Now she's a Cupid, destined to help people find love. But Cupids help others with love; they aren't supposed to find love themselves. CHAPTER ONE UP!!!