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General: I've been interested in writing stories since I was 8, and spent a lot of middle school and high school doing it. University, however, has been kryptonite to my writing. I have completed my B.A. though, and am free to get back into writing now.

My Policy on Criticism: Most people suck at giving criticism. Or rather, suck at concentrating on/engaging someone else's work, and thus cannot be useful when commenting. Apparent selflessness can get you far. People should be interested in helping one another in exchange for getting help themselves, and when this does not occur it's just rude and probably won't get you the help you want. And if you don't like reviewing, that sucks, but it's the proper thing to do (as long as you're not neglecting important aspects of your life to do it). I know I'm not perfect, and no one else is either, so help if you can.

I also don't believe in sugar coating or tact. I mean, I'm not going to be obnoxious and mean, but I'm also not going to question whether or not I should tell you that I know your main character is based on yourself, and your writing is suffering because you're too busy selfishly controlling the character to fulfill some vague fantasy you have that has no place in public. And hey, I did that very same thing myself, and I completely understand the attractiveness of being able to have control like that - to be able to somewhat physically manifest some desire. And even if you don't plan on being a professional writer someday, don't make other people suffer needlessly by posting that kind of stuff so you can show yourself off. And, yeah, you're supposed to draw on your own experiences and feelings because that makes stories less problem-ridden, but it's a long way from using characters as an extension of yourself. I find there can also be another - not nearly as annoying, but wrong nevertheless - problem: introducing a new character into a fanfic. It is so easy to focus on the new personality because it is fresh meat and you are not bound by the author's constraints on a character. Although some people don't seem to feel that bind.

So, I promise I will give proper reviews. And I have done so. I take a lot of time writing good reviews and although it's not my favorite thing to do (although I like helping), I still do it and hope I've helped someone.