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The Tale of Arc Semmor

This is an old story idea I had that I finally put into words. The story, surprisingly, is from a human's point-of-view, in a world surrounded by creatures a lot like humans but a lot better at everything than them. Full summary just below...

Arc Semmor is a merchant, not a very good one (though he would believe otherwise), but still only a merchant. In his world, all that matters is profit and gain, and the worst fear is having his merchandise stolen. Which, of course, is exactly what happens. Outraged, he tries to enlist the city Watch to help him track down the thief, but is only turned away by a small phrase in Altonian law: A merchant is responsible for his wares. Determined to show that he isn't a coward, and to get back his very livelihood, he wants to track down the thief himself...accompanied by a mysterious woman, hooded and cloaked.

In a single night, Arc Semmor goes from being a merchant to a vigilante, and then from a vigilante to a hero amongst the common people. But all of his dreams are crushed and erased as he is changed by the single force that holds sway over all the land, and he turns from being a hero...to being a horror that no man wishes to speak of.

Altonia update v4.0

Several major fixes in the text, and a few new sections added. This includes Items of Note, a few Minor Races (Seval and Neelan), and info on the mirror world of Antargis. If any typos are found, please notify me via PM so I can fix them!


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Texas, USA


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Altonia: The Tale of Arc Semmor
A man in a large city goes from being a merchant to a vigilante in a single night, and then from vigilante to hero in a week. But then he changes from a hero to a horror in a second; here is the tale of Arc Semmor, Hero and Villain, Man and Monster...
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,509 - Published: 5/5/2008
In an Empire in the far future, a lone scout finds herself stranded on an outlying world. Without the funds to buy passage away from the planet, she must win the money by helping a man race around the world and regain his family's fame. based on a dream
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Everything you could possibly need to know about the land of Altonia, explained simply and throughly. This is often updated with more as the books are written, so check back often.
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Terra , The Genesis Incident , ORIGINAL VERSION reviews
My very first fiction ever written, unedited and unabridged. This is not very good, but it was a start to my career...and now it will remain timeless on this site. Review not the grammar and spelling, but the progress I have made in the time from then.
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Roswell Endswell is an alien on Earth, and works as a janitor in the infamous Area 51. Androids, superviruses, clones of Mr. Rogers, he's seen it all. He mops floors and makes minimum wage. He thinks it has to change...and one day it does. For the worse.
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POETRY: The Shiverlings are a dark race that haunts the lives of man and beast...but they too have a culture. Here is a piece of this lost race's story, told by them for their children. Still...these are the beings that nightmares are made of...
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