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Since you came to my profile, you obviously must want to know something about me. Here goes (remember, you brought this upon yourself!):

Name: Doesn’t really matter, I answer to a bunch of names, most of which aren’t even remotely close to my real one (a risk of working in homecare). I’ll also respond to “Hey, you”.

Age: Part of the generation raised on Disney

Sex: Female. See? I’m not totally evasive.

So, who’s ‘Sugar’?: Back when I first began to pioneer the uncharted wilderness that was the Internet, my net-name, which was created to mostly to sound weird so my crush wouldn’t know it was me when I creeped on him (what? I was 14. I didn’t know any better), had ‘Sugar’ in it. I’ll leave it at that; I was an odd child.

The real me: The very best description I can give of myself is a “fail Goth”. Basically that means I’m nowhere near as hardcore as I look. On the one hand, I’m both a metalhead and a rocker, haven’t owned a shirt that wasn’t black since high school (though I wear jeans now instead of chained pants), love anything to do with Halloween, and have an obscene amount of tattoos. On the other hand, I’m a self-proclaimed dork. I'm a couch potato who loves to read (both novels and my old picture books), watch Disney movies of course, and color. I love all kinds of animals, particularly if they’re furry, but cats and kittens—especially kittens—are my kryptonite.

To further add to my contradictoriness, my favorite things to read are thriller/suspense novels with a dash of romance or actual romances that have a plot outside of the characters just falling in love. My favorite authors are Lisa Jackson/Gardner, Kevin O’ Brien, Karen Robards, and J.K. Rowling—I have to include her because I grew up on Harry Potter. I also like to watch crime shows (Deadly Women especially, Snapped), because, I’ll admit it, I think the minds of killers are fascinating, and yet I’ll quickly change the channel to cooking competition shows (Chopped, Top Chef) or cartoons (Spongebob, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy).

Naturally, I’m a shy, introverted person and take a while to warm up to strangers, but when I like someone, I’ll pick on them or bring them offerings of cupcakes. I can be pretty random at times, I like to take care of others, and I don’t take myself too seriously. With the good comes the bad: I can lose my head completely when stressed out, often am too sensitive or trusting for my own good, and my self-esteem could be much higher. I’m a chronic cuddler and don’t think cuddles should be gender-biased. Personally, I like guys, but it doesn’t matter to me what anyone else’s preferences are. I was raised to be nice to everybody. Regardless of your sexual orientation, race, or religion, so long as you’re not pushy about it—I can’t stand stuck up, mean, or judgmental people—and respectful to me, I’ll treat you with the same respect.

The history of my writing: I love words, I love to write; it’s my reason for living, and I wrote my first story when I was about three years old. Since childhood, I was always making up stories and telling them to anyone who had patience enough to listen; I have boxes upon boxes of my stories. I wanted to be a children’s author. As I ventured into my teens, I wanted to be a young adult writer, and likewise as I continued to get older, my target audience changed as well. Around the end of high school, I was hit with a crippling bout of insecurity in my ability and gave it up. Why do something if you’re not good at it? By the start of college, my self-esteem hit an even further low and I became incredibly depressed, thought myself undeserving of love, which has always been a constant theme. Out of the darkness, however, came light. Starting with angsty poetry as a release, my first true love (writing) and I slowly found our way back together. I realized that I needed to do it for myself, it made me happy, it was, as cliché as it sounds, a part of me.

My future on FictionPress: I’m back with a vengeance. Nothing would make me happier than to be published one day and I believe anything is possible (another cliché!). I’d also like to try my hand at writing a thriller. Until I get an idea, it’s romances for now, and I’m particularly infatuated with the gangster-prohibition era of the 1920’s, so something like that could pop up if I get properly inspired. My two main projects at the moment are Angel of Music and With the Topsail. Despite the fact that I’m frequently jumping back and forth between the two, sometimes going for months on end without adding to one, I have no intention of abandoning either one.

Most of the stuff I wrote and posted from high school won’t be continued, simply left up as a comparison. I’m not the same person I used to be and I don’t know the characters anymore. Plus, I haven’t been in high school for longer than I’m proud to admit. I would, however, like to edit and finish The Girl With a Boy’s Name. While I adored it, it unluckily started right before I fell into my slump.

Someone has since blatantly ripped off Angel of Music. I can understand that ideas are hard to come up with, let alone see to completion, but if I can do it, if thousands of other authors on this site can do it, so can everyone else. I’m more than happy to brainstorm or offer feedback, and am proud to have people read what I post, but the stories I post are mine. The characters in them are mine. I’ll do whatever I have to, to protect them.

Don’t steal. Just don’t.

Give me reviews, however, and you’ll quickly become my favorite person in the world, showered with an endless supply of virtual cupcakes, or cookies if you so prefer.

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Angel of Music reviews
When you've been raised by rock stars, nothing surprises you. As a roadie, I can handle the long hours on the job and on the bus, I can handle tantrums, I can handle drunks showing up unexpectedly while I'm in the shower. But a love triangle caught me off-guard. If I don't end up losing my job, I may just end up losing my mind, or do even something crazier, like falling in love.
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By 18th century standards, Jane is unmarriageable-she has a stubborn streak the length of the English Channel, her virtue was taken long ago. Fortunately finding a husband is not a pressing matter for her, she only wants freedom from her demeaning occupation. Stowing away on an outbound ship seems the perfect solution, except for the devilishly handsome and equally deadly captain.
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It's not just a name, it's a way of life. Kyle is hardcore tomboy. Looks the part too. Plays every sport the school offers. But a new guy comes and she falls for him--hard. Problem is, she's still one of the guys. What's an ungirly girl to do? R&R
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Hers was a tidy world of order and rules. And she hated it. His was one of chaos, of broken curfews, and police chases. And it enthralled her. His attitude? Not so much.
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I get a lot of inspiration, but not necessarily for my current stories. These are all my new ideas: titles, summaries, and chapters if I can think of them. If I get inspired, enough positive feedback or ideas, you may see them up. Imput welcome and loved!
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Being revised. She's Valedictorian; he's an ex-gangster from New York. Is the school ready when two different worlds collide? There are only two possible outcomes: either they destroy the school or each other. It's anyone's game, but he can use a gun. R&R
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