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Hey im FireLuver (yes im a major pyro) im new i dont write well but im trying to get better :) so any advice would be good. I got a bunch of ideas, but skool is starting soo so ill have plenty of time when im supposed to b doing my homework lol jk :) i finally started posting YAY lol idk what else to say so ill write more later ~bye

my characters RomanticForestPrincess helped alot with the names hehehe thanx fieldtrip buddy :)

Siri - medium brown hair, blue/green eyes,a little geeky but doesnt look it, used to like Baron but now likes Reeft, best friends with Baron and Reeft, was really good friends with Baron but Jezebel turned him into a jerk now he got rid of her and is trying to et Siri and hi other friends back, gets easily annoyed, has an extremely active imagination, is really hyper after eating reeses, twix, drinking mountian dew, or on a major rant of rage, believes her and Lumi are eskimo sisters from Alaska, extremely dislikes Jezebel, extremely overprotective off her friends, doesnt trust people easily, used to go to a different school with Baron, Bink, Reeft, Roxanne, and Keeli obsession with mooses donkeys and penguins

Lumi - long brown hair, brown eyes, likes to play matchmaker, gets delirious from lack of sleep, goes on rants alot, cant stand Jezebel but hangs out with her anyway, believes that her and Siri are eskimo sisters from Alaska, deep love for penguins giraffes and lions

Lali - long blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely random and hyper, likes Chris and Jagger, loves animals and nature (especially forests), overprotective of her friends, always goes on rants

Baron - dirty blonde shaggy hair, blue eyes, glasses/contacts, best friends with Siri, used to be really close to Siri untill he went out with Jezebel and was a jerk to everyone but now he has gotten rid of her and is trying to get his friends back NOT!!! (o0o0o0o0o plot twist keep check to see how stupid he will be), extremely funny, picks on Bink all the time, really nice to everyone except Bink and Jezebel, has an obsession with knives and swords, geeky but doesnt really look it, used to go to a different school with Siri, Bink, Roxanne, Reeft, and Keeli

Reeft - dark brown shaggy hair, dark blue eyes, looks like spiderman/Harry Potter in the 4th movie, kinda geeky but doesnt look it, Baron and Bink think he has a crush on Siri, really nice, best friends with Siri, goes to a different school than everyone else, but used to go to the same school as Siri, Baron, Bink, Roxanne,and Keeli, is completely amazing at Guitar Hero

Isi - long brown hair, blue eyes, really funny, will be missed very very much because shes going to a new skool

Xavier - brown shaggy hair, blue eyes, glasses, braces, looks alot like napoleon Dynamite, really funny

Chris - brown spiked hair, brown eyes, loves Lali but doesn't want to admit it, gets jealous really easily

Bob - dark brown mulletlike hair, green eyes, Chris's older brother, really nice, doesnt know when to stop talking

Jagger - Blonde shaggy hair, blue eyes, best friends with Baron, just met everyone else at Baron's b-day party, really nice, also has an obsession with knives and swords

Bink - longish blonde hair, blue eyes, acts like a girl, cries at anything, follows Siri and Baron all the time, secretly loves Jezebel and Bob (yes he is a boy), no one really likes him because hes really nerdy, came from the same school as Siri and Baron.

Jezebel - REALLY SHORT, long brown hair, green eyes, flirts with anything that moves, has a strange obsession with Lumi, secretly loves Bink, no one likes her because she constantly lies and is really mean

Roxanne (Roxxi for short) - long brown hair, brown eyes, extremely hyper, sings and does dance, goes to a different school than the rest, but used to go to the same school as Siri, Baron, Bink, Reeft, and Keeli

Keeli - medium brown hair, blue eyes, not as hyper as Roxxi but close, plays the drums, goes to a different school than the rest, but used to go to the same school as Roxxi, Siri, Baron, Reeft, and Bink

Luke - Blonde shaggy hair, blue eyes, skateboarder (secretly plays the cello(jk)), acts kinda dumb but in a funny way, gets in trouble alot, Baron is friends with him but doesn't trust him with Siri

Trevor - short black hair, brown eyes, really really tall, wears glasses, extremely sweet (especially to Lumi), shy, really funny

New Ideas (i got alot of HW b4 i can start writting alot over break so im writting ideas and letting u guys pick which one u think i should write about over break please lemme kno what u think )

Miracle Child - Cassey heals amazingly fast and runs away from a medical study on her

New Kids Rule - a new kid comes to the school and joins the group, but theres one problem he likes Siri and it makes Baron mad.

A Historical Fiction - its an assignment for creative writting class but i dont feel like doing it

Shark - a rant i have when my friends get flipped out about sharks at the beach


should i write a fanfiction

Who's the Hero Now - MJ gets her own powers with help from Harry and doesn't tell Spidey, Spidey finds out who the mystery girl is when her powers become defective and he has to find a way to save her. ( Spiderman fanfic)

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