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Until recently I've been hanging around reading the fanfiction. I just discovered this site, and it's amazing. There are SO many talented writers at this site!

this is just a copy of my profile from I'm under the same name there.

I am a slash fan! I'm a mediocre writer at best, but I'm forced to write sometimes by my evil plot bunnies.

FANDOMS I LIKE (pairings I like)

1. Queer as Folk (Brian/Justin, Michael/Ben, Gus/Justin, Emmett/Drew)

2. Supernatural (Dean/Sam)

3. Stargate SG-1 (Jack/Daniel, Daniel/any snake)

4. Hellboy (Hellboy/John)

5. X-Men (Pretty much any male/male pairings)

6. Harry Potter (Harry/any guybut Dumbledore, Remus/Serius or Snape)

I have a C2 for Harry Potter AU non-magical slash which I love and my favorite pairing would have to be Harry/Lucius or maybe Harry/Voldemort (who can resist the older, eviler man) although hard to find those fics. I also LOVE creature fics!(like veela etc.)

My least favorite pairings are:

hp Hermione/Severus (or just about any Het pairing)

hp Dumbledore/anyone (shudder)

qaf Michael/Brian

sg-1 Jack/Sam

x-m Prof. X/anyone but Magnito

and my least favorite kink is CD (although I don't mind a little make-up).

Also I am very fragile so nobody flame me please -whimper-

Here Are Some Lovely Harry Potter Challenges:

1. the Harry Potter, slash version of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Governess! Harry

2. Any story with Protective!Fatherly!Remus, and he has to call Harry Puppy. Preferably in front of a large, amused crowd.

3. Absolutely anything with the pairing Harry/Viktor. There are only two of them on this site and that's a travesty!

If you don't accept my challenges then you aren’t a man...or a woman...I mean, if you start as a...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

My latest craze has been Queer as Folk fanfic. I even wrote one. I luurrrrv Brian/Justin! and Michael can die before he gets his hands on Brian.

This author is, maybe, the best I've ever read. Check out http:///folk/defensivewalls/

Notice: Anyone who wants to adopt Draco's Companion is more than welcome, just drop me a line telling me so that I can read your version




Lyl=love you lots

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