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"Those who don't read have no advantage over those who can't" ~Anonymous

Just another writer with nothing better to do than write.

~*~*~*~ "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." ~Benjamin Franklin ~*~*~*~ Hi, I'm: - an 18 year old girl who still gets carded at the theatres (and will most likely get carded at all clubs and the LCBO, even when she's of age, until she develops wrinkles. It's a curse, goddammit.) - a member of this site for a hell of a long time and still only managed to produce 9 stories - a potty mouth :@ - lazy as hell and damn proud of it I like: - drawing - writing - water - pencils (more so than pens) - TV (Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Clone High, Undergrads, The Simpsons...hell, just about any thing that's on TV will amuse me) - my guitars - rock music (Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, OK GO, The FOO!) - anime [digimon (TAKARI!), sailormoon, dbz-gt, macross plus...etc...) - saturday morning cartoons - napping, sleeping, dozing and resting my eyes I hate: - mornings - mondays - tuesdays (except between the times of 8-9pm) - wednesdays (wait...those are okay) - thursdays *shakes fist at thursdays* - day 1s - pop music - Britney Spears - Nick Carter - the fact that I sometimes actually listen to rap and sometimes like it O.O - the fact that I know *all* the words to 'Like I love you' and 'Cry me a river' by Justin Timberlake O.o - my retarded-ass school and the administration - the double cohort - ignorant people - a lot of people (but that belongs in a category all its own) - and lots more... Question: Why is there no plural for 'sheep'? Current song: Don't ask me by OK GO Online Journal: *Jan. 31, 2003 posted* You are welcome to read about me and my retarded and demented personality. because I'm "as lazy as can be" (as sanctioned by my calculus teacher) my disclaimers for all my stories (unless noted) will be as followed: Disclaimer: I don't own anything besides the ideas behind the stories and the stories itself. All characters belong to their respective owners, unless otherwise noted. Sue, but it's a waste of your time and mine. My grammar is horrendous along with my spelling, but frankly I just don't give a shit anymore. On that note, enjoy! :D