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Name: Camalenn Berriie

Age: 17

Race: Human

Hair Colour: Dark red with single black hairs.

Eyes: Forever changing, but normally a dark midnight blue.

Personality: Quiet, Shy, Scared easily, rarely hungry, smart, adequate beauty, ignorant, and somewhat strong.

Stories I am Working On

M.Y.T.H. - Matt, Yana, Thane, and Halle come from different sides of the world. Matt is a football captain from California. Yana is a young singer from Tokyo. Thane is a high-mannered man from Melborne. Halle is the son of a long lost line of the royal family from Scotland. But at one moment they are at their Formal Events and in a blink of an eye, they have vanished. Given the power over the four elements, the three boys and single girl have to save Earth from the demons of Hell and stop Lucifer from rising. With the catch to the powers, they also muxt maintain secrecy from the Human World. But can they overcome the tension between each other, let alone defeat the most feared Demon in all of the Universe?

Matt - http:///fs18/i/2007/157/9/2/Hot_guy_by_Kagomej.jpg

Yana - http:///fs33/300W/f/2008/296/4/b/kimono_by_kirschbluete.jpg

Thane - http:///fs19/i/2007/258/3/9/Ootori_Kyoya_by_saishuu_hinoiri.jpg (Yes, I know it is Kyouya Senpai off of Ouran High School Host Club)

Halle - http:///fs22/300W/f/2007/354/3/f/Kiriban_HadaMorgana_I_by_sororitysheep.jpg

Anna - http:///fs46/f/2009/168/0/a/Most_Popular_Girl_in_School_by_HaloFall.jpg

The Gentle Heart of a Murderer - Astraea Cathair is the one woman feared throughout Renseria. She is a ruthless, cold blooded killer, who shows little mercy towards those she Hunts. The Seekers, the police of the land, cannot capture her. Each time they corner her, she slips from their grasp as if she were mist. For nearly a hundred years, she ran across the land, searching for something no one knows of...Of course, if she did tell you, you're head would soon be found rolling away from your body. So why, after all of these years of killing and blood, is one Human boy with kind eyes, so hard to kill?

http:///albums/pp184/roguexsoldier/Warrior_Girl_2.jpg?t=1249311556 - Astraea Cathair

http:///albums/ii177/HurricaneMJ/NarumiAyumuuu.jpg?t=1249311921 - Alden

http:///albums/d105/Arora_Fire/Anime/fe1_qjpreviewth.jpg - Dalena

http:///albums/d105/Arora_Fire/Anime/fe2_qjgenth.jpg - Kaimbe

Fallen - I had lost my mother in a terrible car accident nearly a month ago. The wounds on my skin had gone away, but the scars on my heart still remain. But I'm healing. It's a slow and agonizing process, but with my friends, I am pushing through the pain and seeing the light, having fun once again in my life. But there are still shadows. Joshua has lost his sanity, having his way with every whore and prostitute he can lay his hands on. Dad's a nightmare. He's nothing like he used to be. He rarely smiles anymore. And then there's Angel. I first saw him "meditating" next to my mother's grave with a beam of light coming down on him. Then, two glorious black wings stretched out from his back, reaching seven feet in each direction. Then I started getting these weird dreams and nightmares. Nothing made sense. It was then, after I met Angel, I realized what kind of Hell I was in...and the Hell I had to climb out of to reach the light.

Karina - http:///art/Girl-13591088


Karina's Gown - http:///store/product.php?productid=2578&cat=292&page=1

Angel - http:///art/Mourning-Angel-67753862?loggedin=1


Jason and Daemon - http:///art/Gay-Love-Colour-137704589

Jasmine - http:///photography/people/expressive/?order=9&offset=48#/d267chg

Jasmine's Gown - http:///shop/proddetail.cfm?CFID=4391696&CFTOKEN=83673844&ItemID=902&CategoryID=2&SubCatID=0

Risen - Angel and I have survived the battle against Celesstus; however now there is the little matter of Michael and his sure-fire attitude bent on destroying all of the Fallen. I don't really know why and I'm not 100 sure I really want to know, since I am one of them. But strange occurances have been happening around town; disappearances, actually. Angel thinks it's Michael...Celine doesn't, and the differences are making me nervous. And then there is Joshua, who is starting to come into my dreams with Zach at his side. Now I'm more than nervous...I'm terrified...and I don't know what is going to happen except there is going to be a battle and someone is going to die...

Karina - http:///art/Girl-13591088


Angel - http:///art/Mourning-Angel-67753862?loggedin=1


In the Eyes of the Owl - "When I noticed something was going to happen that day, it was when I looked out my window and realized Calico was no longer staring at me. And I was right. Something did happen that day. I died." -- My name is Jenna Haloway and I died-- well, that's not completely right...I was murdered. Why? I'm the grand prize of a game. A chess game between the Shades and the Lights, creatures of the shadows and light in a match to dominate Earth. And why do they want me? That's what I'm going to find out.

http:///fs70/f/2010/290/3/2/dying_field_by_s0lz-d30xe8a.jpg - Jenna

http:///fs70/f/2010/283/e/7/friends_by_s0lz-d30hcp1.jpg - Jenna and Halo

http:///cgi/img-set/BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFnVEY0VQTnM4M2hHM21xNjBjeV9idUEAAAACaWQKAXgAAAAEc2l6ZQ.jpg - Nate

http:///iroquois/birds/images/barn-owl.jpg - Calico

The Sons of the Virgin - Cassandra Kipp has had migraines since she hit puberty. After her seventeenth birthday, they grew worse than usual. Images began to appear in her mind. She chalked it up to issues with her mind. Murders by some unseen shadow in the forest. Then the visions started happening. The first body was mutilated by some sort of animal and Cassandra had seen the young girl being ripped to shreds during her last migraine. And then there are the Collins brothers. They seem like average guys, except there is an obvious dark side to them and it draws Cassandra in. This dark side sends Cassandra spiraling into the myths of Apollo and Artemis and the fall of Troy, since her town is the victim of the next Trojan Horse.

Cassandra Kipp - http:///favourites/3166582?offset=120#/d2vlv76

Rafe Collins - http:///cast_gallery/images/Taylor20Lautner20(1).jpg

Lyall Collins - http:///d/movies/1/0/B/S/N/thecovenantpubd.jpg

Lisa Collins - http:///#/d37m72i

Aurena - http:///fs71/i/2011/016/8/d/winter_fog_by_wildrainoficeandfire-d37b4d3.jpg

The Dragon Girl- In the land of Erviddia, a Dragon is born with every human. Together they share a bond stronger than any other nature had previously created. Dragons are viewed as creatures of the future mainly because the color of the Dragon's scales represented the type of person their human would be in the future. Grey and Blue Dragons are the most common, for they revealed wisdom and hard-work in their human's futures. Orange was a bit more difficult to find: leader. White was even rarer: a fighter. But there is a prophecy about a girl and her Dragon, the color of night itself, who would challenge the rule of the Dragon Lords, a feat that had not even been attempted in a near century. And then, in the outer regions of the country, a young girl is born with a Black Dragon...

Unnamed-Serenity Base

In a Universe where humans no longer exist, a group of smugglers find themselves caring for fugitives: one a human, the other a wanted sorcerer.

Protagonists- After waking up disoriented in a glass box, Ratchet Jackobson immediately knows what has happened to him: he's been kidnapped by the WebCam Killer, a criminal who enjoys watching humans psychologically decline while he plays with them, all the while broadcasting his victim-which he calls a Protagonist- live on the internet. Ratchet knows the game all too well: his brother had been the first Protagonist. Now, it's his turn but the Omnipotent-what the criminal calls himself-has added a twist: little innocent Caitlyn Porter has been added to the mix as another Protagonist. She's the exact opposite of Ratchet; sweet, innocent, kind-hearted, gentle, and most of all, hopeful. Together, they have to fight to survive the torture brought on by the Omnipotent. Can they survive both the tasks...and each other? Based on Adam Lambert's "Better then I Know Myself" music video.

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Damsel reviews
"Not all witches are evil. Not all dragons were born of eggs. I lived a charmed life until Barthius came. It was then I learned that female dragons weren't born: they're made." 2,000 years later, Princess Loraine has lived hundreds of lives. She's even befriended a witch. But she only lives for one thing now: Revenge. And damned be the hunters who get in her way. Even if he's cute.
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She only thought they were dreams, but once they started coming true, Cassandra Kipp realized she was more than just cursed. She was being hunted. But when she comes across Rafe and his brother Lyall, nothing is real anymore and to stay alive, Cassandra realizes she has stepped into a completely new world of gods, blood, and murder.
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