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Hello everyone! I am not going to bother with some long explanation of all the different things I am and I am not, since then my profile would be just too long (and boring... I am the most boring person you'll ever meet in cyberspace). My personal view is that profiles should be fun to read, which is what I attempted to create by posting what I did.

I guess that if you need to know anything about me, is that I am the lowest of the low in many things and don't really fit in anywhere. I try hard to better myself and to better my writing, and I hope that at least some effort is evident. I am always grateful for every review, every story alert, and every favorite that I get and I will always make it my priority number one to reply to you and answer anything you wish to ask.

So I would like to thank anyone who ever in any way replied to anything that I wrote and actually didn't think it was all crap. Thanks to all of you.

Here you go, the bit more funnier part of this:

Quotes I happen to enjoy:

"Dreams are free, so free your dreams..."

"After I sent the message I spent a fitful 8 hours sleeping before they woke me by surprise and had me work 37 hours...strait...then I spent 14 hours recuperating and worked another 16. I think they're trying to kill me before i get off..." - Ian, my former beta tester

"Who plays with fire gets burned, and who plays with me regrets that they didn't play with fire instead."

"With a stoplight, Green means Go, Yellow means Slow, and Red means Stop. But with bananas, it's very different. Yellow means Go, Green means Whoa Slow Down, and Red means Where The Hell Did You Get A Red Banana?!"

"If you love something, let it go... If it comes back, it's yours."

"The newscaster is the person who says "Good evening" and then tells you why it's not."

"If at first you don't succeed, destroy the evidence that you tried."

Here are some 'nice' quotes that I collected while in school:

"Each description I found was really short. There is not much you can say about throwing someone off the side of the mountain..." - talking about how Hephaestus became lame, Greek Mythology

"Wait, why is everybody yelling at me for no reason?"
"Because it's fun to yell at you!"

"Are you funny?"
"Oh yes, I crack myself up all the time."

"... So you see, being in eight grade is like being on the bottom of the food chain..."

"Oh no, you can't, because I have cotton candy in my hair." - answer to a question about borrowing a phone

"I'm hungry!"
"Then go buy something to eat!"
"Huh... Why?"

"... No, he is here, in school - he forgot about the state tests and he simply decided not to show up in your class..."

"Could you flip my flippin' flip board?" - teacher getting anxious

"What is that?"
"That is a thousand year old cherry..."

"Look, we have a dead teacher..." - Mr. Hoss sleeping on the ground, just because he felt like it

"This is a funny book... How did she die again?"

"The scary sound was when I heard the words 'what homework?'" - a science teacher

"Pancakes... You are scared of pancakes?" - a discussion on fears

"Joey, why is it that every time I hit you your glasses keep flying off?"

"What is going on?"
"The teachers are chasing each other and I give 10 bucks that Mrs. Cooper wins.."

"He was buying supplies and then he tells them I was giving first aid to a fish?"

"No, you may not have the pink chicken back!"

"wiener shnicel is food, now get back to the simultaneous equations!!" - teacher

"Jeremy! If he has the answer, punch him in the head!"

"Why am I worried for you? I was even better than the chicken..."

"Did you have the 'special adult headache' after the party last night, Ms. Wilson?"

student: "Aring, ding, ding!"
teacher: "That was the worst imitation of the school bell I ever heard." - an attempt to get out of class

"If you are going to chew gum, keep you mouth close so I can't see you doing it.." (teacher)

teacher (math): "Ahh... Those calculators, always thinking, 'Oh I am going to make Josef look stupid today'..."

Josef (student): "Yes! Those evil scientific calculators! Not like mine, financial one..."

teacher: "...Pythagoras didn't have any children, but he had a lot of women around him, and they drew math on the sand on the beach."

student: "Wasn't it forbidden for women to study something in that time?"

teacher: "Yes, but Pythagoras broke tho mole and that's why they all went to the beach to do mathematics!"

teacher: "There is a japanese man who memorized the pie number to houndred decimal places."

student: "Does he has a lot of women around him too?"

teacher: "Calling Planet Ashot (name of one of the students) Calling planet Ashot, why are you not working, over."

student : "I don't think thats even a planet, Mr. Acford, it can't be bigger than a meteor."

Wow, you've actually survived through the whole thing? Well, good for you, have a cookie and come back again soon! Nah, just kidding, you can't have a cookie because I like them too much to give away... You still want one, huh? Too bad, I... (thinking about an excuse), I ate them all! Ha! You are not going to outsmart me!

Anyway, I have some news... The story, Vampire House is in the latest stage of refurbishing. I am adding scenes, rewriting the ones that I dont like and overally making a better story. So check regularly throughout the chapters, I am going to put a little note on the beggining if it was freshly edited. I am also thinking of merging some of the chapters, so don't be alarmed if suddenly half the chapters are missing, I am not planning on deleting the story any time soon.


P.S.: I have no idea what SoonSoon means, I just thought it sounded cool...

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