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After months of prodding by my friend (penname Serom Kim) and finding out that a great deal of my friends post on FictionPress, I decided to throw caution to the wind and get an account. The penname came to me on a whim, and even I have no idea where I could have dredged it up.

And I know I've been out of it for a while - the experiences that culminated in the demise of the Review Revolution left me kind of wary about the whole site - but I've taken time to heal, and now feel I'm ready to jump back into the site.

Stories in the process of posting:

-Classroom (General/Romance): Camille Hollander isn’t holding out much hope for her Tech Found class. Her teacher, Mrs. Drysdale, is constantly dour and depressing. The girl sitting next to her on her left is too shy to reveal her name, and the girl to her right is a troublemaker who couldn’t care less about anything. Then there’s the politically incorrect slime sitting across from her, and Ian, who bemoans everyone else’s flaws while glossing over his own. But what if these four are destined to be Camille’s closest friends? This story will have a twice-weekly updating schedule (probably Monday and Thursday of every week), because I've actually almost finished it, and there are many short little chapters to post.

- This Bed Is Far Too Lumpy (Romance and Humor): Tammy never wanted anything more than to read novels and be at peace with herself, but her parent’s friend, a talent agent, gets her an audition for the movie version of her favorite book, The War We Lose. Much to Tammy's shock, she gets the part. Much to the paparazzi's shock, one of the actors on the set falls in love with her. And to the shock of the entire world, Tammy is becoming a role model and a pin-up girl despite her imperfect physique and shy demeanor... This will have an irregular posting schedule... I apologize...

Coming soon:

- Improbable Life! (Sci-Fi, possibly Manga): In the not-so-distant future, Miho Jameson, a high-school-age girl, has a genetic disorder that causes mass mayhem to erupt at inconvenient times for her. However, Miho’s doctor soon explains that on her eighteenth birthday, something terrible may happen: her body could spontaneously combust! Now Miho is racing against a biological clock to find something – or someone – that can prevent her from reaching this horrible fate. This will be posted soon, I swear...

- Mecha-ism (Action, possibly Sci-Fi or Supernatural): In an apocalyptic world where female fighting robots are quickly destroying Earth in a severely debilitating war, a prophecy made years ago is being acted out by a frightened and vengeful young woman, Gia. One world leader is trying to kill her for her impertinence. Another wants to desperately protect her, for the prophecy says that Gia is to be the world’s savior.

- Attempts at Poetry (General Poetry): I’m not very good at poetry. I will admit as much. I don’t know if I like to torture other people or something, but I think I will post my poems, just so people can marvel at my ineptitude with certain types of writing. Subjects include my love life, my inability to write a cohesive poem, annoying friends, and suspension of disbelief.

I'm certainly on board with his comment about the strangely seductive relationship between Sharpay and her brother. Perhaps it heralds back to the old Disney movies where most familial relationships were dysfunctional (Cinderella, anyone?) because these two sure seem more like lovers than siblings and that scares me a bit. - Judge Cynthia Boris, DVD Verdict

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