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Hey, here’s my profile. I haven’t been on in a while, UPDATE TIME! Also, you all are lucky I still have my last two stories up. Those...things are just so god awful. In fact, I think everything I write is corny, cliche and boring, not just those. : / I am OK with written Swedish, which also means I'm OK with written Norwegian and Danish, so if you want some translations or anything, hit me up, yo. Always good for me to exercise my other languages. My translations might not be top notch, but eh...Who cares.

AGE: 12, but I’ll be 13 in a few weeks.

LOCATION: Haha, somewhere in New Jersey, thats all you're getting from me. I love the fact that I LIVE IN THE SAME FREAKIN STATE AS ATHF! But I'm not near Red Bank or anything, which is where the show supposedly takes place. Not a native or anything of this place, moved here 5 years ago when my mom got offered some job, blah blah.

HOBBIES: Reading, writing, drawing, singing, EXERCISING, I LOVE EXERCISE!

MUSIC: Metal. I’m not going to list my favorite bands or sub-genres because every time I do, I hit delete when I mean to get rid of a letter and it takes me back to the last page and I have to start all over and that’s TOO MUCH TO JUST REDO!

TV: My favorite shows are Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Monk. 2 totally different shows, but I love them.

FAVORITE COLOR: A tie between blue and yellow

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Terrance, you have my heart, OOOOOH! Terrance you have my soooul…Terrance, you ate a bug todaaay, he’s no longer movinggg…You spat him out, his shell don’t taste good... But you ate part of his brain…This is home, this is me…”

–Meatwad singing to his pet kitten, episode 77(?), “Reedickyoulus”, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

BIGGEST INSPIRATIONS: My ancestors, music, mythology, astrology, TV. The bands Amon Amarth and Leaves' Eyes in particular have awakened pride in my Scandinavian ancestors and without their wonderful music, I probably would still be like most people and not care about my forefathers.


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Dear Ray, reviews
Thank you in advance for taking care of my goldfish while we’re vacationing in Cancun...R&R
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Artists and Goddesses reviews
Dethei is a professional artist living in the sleezy, ghetto part of the city Mecro. On the night of the Red Moon, while working on her most challenging painting yet, thugs break into her and her friend Lucy's home. Drama, magic and more follow. R&R
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Just Theo (21)