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"I have never outgrown my imaginary friends. As I've gotten older, I've just taken to calling them 'characters'."- Potoperson

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Voice blog, tumblr: NO LONGER EXISTS. I just started a new blog that's technically writing in general, but lets face it, it'll probably mostly be voice.

They call me Potoperson! But my real name's Jade: your fickle friend and fine arts Fanatic, word adict, and Potoperson who loves God and fiction. Well no one really calls me that full title, but it's sort of fun isn't it? I'm twenty years old and currently studying to be a high school English teacher.

Religion: I believe in God as the creator of the universe and Jesus as the savior of my soul and the only way I can write anything on this site. :D

If you want to know more, shoot me a message. I'll tell you anything you want to know about the faith (because some people don't, and I'm more than happy to help answer your questions) jut shoot me a message and I'll try to answer any question to the best of my ability.

Meaning of User: Phantom Of The Opera(Person)

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! "Santa" and a play version of the short story "Burnt Toast" from Breakfast have been performed at Huntley High School and I have videos of both shows. I am so happy with how they pulled them off :)

Santa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJfwVUSiWsE&feature=
urnt Toast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcdsY5LMjig&list=UUDLy-YuaRM9LLkmhrLy4IAQ&index=2

Author note!!I put up various illustrations for various stories on DeviantART, here are links to the following...

Mirabelle(The Three Kingdoms)- http:///art/Mirabelle-of-Nowhere-128036535

The Best Medicine (Katie and Michal)- http:///art/The-Best-Medicine-127523940

Alice (Voice): http:///art/Character-Bio-Alice-Moore-313814573

Oliver (Voice):http:///#/d56u5xi

"Goodness, I feel like we're a pair of forbidden lovers out on a midnight meeting" (An amazing Voice illustration by my step-sister known on this site as whitefairy24601 at http://www.fictionpress.com/u/699721/whitefairy24601 ) http:///#/d57pz3p

Alice and the Squires (Voice): http:///#/d58zbpi

Chapter 13 illustration Clark and Alice (Voice)- http:///#/d5ffk1j

chapter 4 illustration (Voice); "Do you think I asked to be cursed?" (bear with me, it's OLD) http:///#/d5j4dnu

Mr. Drake and Christopher Millington dressed up as Mr. Silver and Jim Hawkins from Disney's Treasure Planet(Mr. Drake): http:///#/d5n1jyp

A little sneak peak pic: sketch of Alice and Oliver in part 2: http:///#/d5og23w

The Strangers at the Tavern from Part 2 Chapter 8 (Voice) http:///art/The-Strangers-at-the-Tavern-375977175

Doodle of Edith, Clovis, and Mary (Voice) http:///5eef3823def63b63b4e5cf53f974d92c/tumblr_mrl5jkKOhh1s5sb1ao1_1280.jpg

Toby (Voice): http:///art/Toby-376105336

Alice and Oliver Modern Spin (Voice): http:///art/Hot-Chocolate-408479588

Sir John and Clark on hair cut day: http:///art/Hair-Cut-462583800?ga_submit_new=10

Chapter 4 Part 3 (Voice): http:///art/Not-While-I-m-Around-467152209

IMPORTANT ANNONCMENT!! I have finally unraveled technology!! What does that mean you ask? It means that I have finally figured out how to put videos on youtube and I am able to record myself singing my songs that I've posted here. Sorry about the lack of accompanyment on most of them.

Smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSGDgpB_XOU

Jane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBlV7j3fN5k&list=UUDLy-YuaRM9LLkmhrLy4IAQ&index=1

Jesus the Constant the Rock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZpodG46Tsk

Open Your Eyes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thQvEMxHOkw

Give Into Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0UqQhDTl2A&list=UUDLy-YuaRM9LLkmhrLy4IAQ&index=2

A Brand New Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPi0BsAZ4rY (BETTER VERSION) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sScyXZTSq70&list=UUDLy-YuaRM9LLkmhrLy4IAQ&index=2&feature=plcp

No More Knights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQZvkYszFlE

Hallelujah I can Breath Again (Thank you my Lord) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRzeEbWc6A0

The Homework Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHfZrYJZqdo

Until I've Learned to Fly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XnEGuyb0EY

By Your Grace I Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8JQQpXMvWE

Melancholy Blue (from "The Minstrel, part 1" in "A Year in Writing") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgLD9SRf5gA

Just Another Unrequited Love Song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvs8ovAzHZE&feature=channel_video_title

GUESS WHAT?? I am officially posting the songs from If Life was a Musical on youtube! (about time, eh?) Links appear as I post.

It's Snowing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpZXB3tnqsk

Neal's Soliloquey 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uXwdEVL-Q8

When Your Life is a Musial- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xvkul6-gzgU

I Know a Little thing about Dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGL6l_0PWzg

The Great Wide World- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc3QMfX77jE

The Ballad of the Drippy Drake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGZuwOKMcz0

Neal's Inter-soliloquey number 3- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7SGWVgdvUk

The Optimism Song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ0FbZN4FzY

Let Me Out, Let me In- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_CsvUHoK4

Princess of Beluga- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7E49vUHs-k

Give Into Love: (recorded a while ago, lyrics are slightly different because it was the origonal version of this song, not the If Life was a musical version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_bOk1G9idM

Lefty Lindy's Lament: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ayalj8fyCG4

For the Love of Music- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ri-Ncwa9F0

Lady Child- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRvEbiBr_vU

Neal's Inter-soliloquey finale- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFXAlfEe6Ow&feature=channel_video_title

CURTAIN CALL!!!! (If Life was a Musical reprsise) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4hKyZFTzn0

And just for the heck of it here's Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1250474/

The Splendid Words List (some of my favorite words I'd like to share with you all)







Star dust


spell bound










Brahmagupta (I am NOT making this up)


Pronunciation Guide to The Three Kingdoms

Taioumous: Tie- oh-mous

Arbol: Are-bowl

Aguaris: Ugh-ware-is

Triaric: Tri-air-ick

Meiso Dai Seria (Good morning sister): My-so die seh-ree-ah

My stories and the stories BEHIND those stories!

Sky Ride(A fantasy poem): This poem was one I entered in a poetry contest way back in the day. Of course I never did fill out that paper work for the contest so now I present it to all of you!

Dawn (a humor poem): This is actually a description of my favorite type of sunrise to see in the mornings. In fact I thought them so beautiful I decided to write a poem on them. But I ended up satiring it instead.

Open Your Eyes(a song): This story takes root one morning on my school bus. It was gorgeous outside and I wondered why it is that people never noticed good things in the world. So I wrote this song in like fifteen minuets. Afterwards as I went about my day I saw some people being made fun of and I was maddened and saddened by it but then I remembered the song and it now helps me through the day. Check it out on youtube!

The Black Rose(A horror one-shot): I wrote this story for a class assignment in 8th grade (My word have I been on this site for a while...)which we had to write a story as if we were Edgar Allen Poe. I went through several story ideas and inspiration came to me via this fake black rose my mom bought me and that I used as a prop for my Halloween costume. (I must say, that was probably the creepiest costume i've ever worn for Halloween)

Hallelujah I can Breath Again (thank you my Lord) (A Spiritual song): The inspiration for this story is kind of funny. I had a small cold. (or maybe it was just allergies I don't know) and I was really congested. So I took a cough drop and for some reason I was uncongested afterwards. So then I said, "Hallelujah, I can breath again! Thank you my Lord." Then I realized it sounded like it could be a song. So I grabbed a note book and set down writing it. Wouldn't you know it when I finally finished a few weeks later it became one of my favorite worship songs!

Goodnight (a kids One-shot): I was originally trying to think up another story for the Rainbow Springs Chronicles but when I came up with this I knew that a) I don't think that this would work for the characters in the Rainbow Springs Chronicles and b) it was too sappy and too cute to ignore. So I turned it into it's own, separate story.

Wealth (A romance Poem): This was another thing I wrote for a school assignment and it goes hand in hand with Smooth River-Stream. The assignment was that my LA teacher gave us a few songs to listen to and we had to write a poem based off the imagery it created. This was off a country song and it gave me the imagery of a girlfriend an boyfriend being all girlfriend and boyfriendy, so that's what I did.

Smooth River-Stream (A nature poem): This was the other LA assignment one. The song was a smooth jazz song that relaxed me immensely, so I wrote a soothing relaxing poem of it.

Zoom Out (A si-fi One-shot): I love the inspiration for this story. I was down by a lake, taking pictures of the stuff when I saw this muskrat. I tried several times to get a picture but it alluded me. (Which is why I've dubbed it the sneaky muskrat, seriously I think it's laughing at me right now) I eventually moved on and tried taking other pictures but I found it difficult. After my long crusade I eventually came back to where I had seen the muskrat and realized if people wanted to see it, they'd have to find it themselves and not rely on my pictures. I almost based it into A Rainbow Springs Chronicle but when I got assigned to do a si-fi story in LA I decided to use it for that instead.

Silly Sonnets (humor Poems): When I was learning about Shakespeare in school my class also learned the format for writing sonnets. Of course I had to use it outside of class. ;D

The Going-Away Party (A Spiritual One-shot)- So I went to my very first funeral in Memphis, my great aunt had died. And I hadn't really know her well but I could still feel the weight of mourning resting on me. So as I sat there my mind began thinking, thinking about the fact that every single sorrow is ending, and she's just going with God now. Then I realized it wasn't really that sad at all. In fact the whole thing was like just like a going away party. With everyone wishing her well as she goes off to some place better.

What I am (general poem)- I'm not quite sure where in the recesses of my mind this poem came from. I was honestly just sitting on the bus when suddenly I started thinking in a poetic way how much I write. I made a bit of a small rhyme out of it and there you go.

World of White: (nature poem) I love snow, what is more lovely than a world of white? It was especially beautiful one morning going out to the bus stop. The air really was silver and the trees were covered in snow. Of course I wasn't able to enjoy it because I was RUNNING to catch the bus, but I still kept thinking I wanted to write a poem about it. It really began with the last stanza of the poem being written by me on the frosted window. I liked it so I decided to add 2 more on top of it, World of White was born.

The Three Kingdoms (Fantasy adventure story) Finally! A multichapter story! This tale has been a vague concept in my mind for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. All I knew is that there was a girl who lived in one of three kingdoms that were at war and she'd meet a guy from Aguaris who is of royalty. Eventually I also thought of another few characters and a vague plot, but that plot I got rid of. Just recently I thought of a better one and I hope this one works! By the way, this story is constantly changing like the shifting sands on the shores of Aguaris, so look out! CHAPTER 8 UP!!

Pay it Forward: All have an impact: (General essay) If you're wondering where the "Pay it Forward" part came from its because this was written for an essay contest surrounding the book Pay it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde. (great book by the way, you gotta read it) Anyway the topic was "How can one person impact the world?" and at the same time we happened to be doing a series of sermons in church called "Influence" all about how we impact people around us. Well I know that God was challenging me with this so I put some of what I learned in church plus things I saw about what happened when people used their influence and wrote this. (I did win the essay contest by the way)

Footprints (A metaphoric life poem): I was walking to the bus stop in the snow. I was making foot prints in the smooth snow, and I realized that you can't see your footprints until you actually turn around. Thus this poem is born. (that one is not as interesting as some)

Under the big-top(A Haiku, or should I say a Tri-ku): First of all, I came up with the idea for a Tri-ku a while ago. (A tri-ku is a three part haiku) As far as the poem itself, I had to write an extended metaphor essay about Life, Love, or Family. I could not think of anything so I started spouting off ideas. "Life is a road, Life is like building a tower, love is like a sculpture, family is like the Spanish inquisition, love is like a trapeze..." it went on, then I thought of comparing life to a three ringed circus, I had already said love was the trapeze, and that family was the safety net. I didn't think I could do all three of those in my essay, and I certainly didn't want to put one in one but not the others. So I turned it into a hai- I mean, TRI-ku.

I have Heard, I have Seen (A patriotic poem under politics): It was Veterans day here in the U.S. and I thought "You know what? I should write a patriotic poem in honor of Veteran's day." So I did, and I am pretty satisfied on how it came out. Except for the formatting, my computer hasn't been able to get Microsoft word so I haven't been able to put the spaces and stuff...

The Best Medicine (A romance one-shot): Remember A Twister of Fate? No? Not surprised, I deleted it a while back. But if you do, this was originally Jack visiting Jewel when he found out she took a sick day from work. If not...it was two different characters named Jack and Jewel. Before there wasn't an adorable picture though. And I must say...Michal Grant is now one of my favorite characters I've made up. :D

In My Garden (Life poem): Suprisingly this was NOT written for LA. (gasp!) It was written for health actually. It was one of those "pick what you want to do" projects for the five dimensions of wellness. These 5 dimensions are physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. I chose to write a poem. It had to be at least 25 lines (5 per dimension) and this is what I came up with.

A Spontaneous Poem for Night time (Life Poem) It is exactly as its title suggests. I was on Facebook and I sort of just typed it under what I was thinking because it was night. That's all.

Breakfast(general/life/humor) This is what I'd call a "shipped from nowhere" story because it literally came from no where. I was honestly just sitting in the car coming back from seeing the musical Seussical and I said, "I think I'll write a series of short stories all about breakfast". Mostly these kinds of stories just get as far as getting the idea written down in a notebook somewhere. But this story went somewhere!

A Brand New Day (adventure/spiritual song) I began writing a musical that I never finished. It was called Plain Jane, this was the big power ballad for the main girl Jane in which she begins her journey to...you know I'm not completely sure what she was doing. Like I said, never finished. I only wrote a few songs. This song however has become like my personal anthem so it's sort of near and dear, you know? I wish you could actually hear it SUNG though...wait, you can! Youtube it!!

Jane (angst song) Ok maybe angst is a bit of a strong word for it. This is another Plain Jane song. (see song above) This is also for the main character Jane who feels out of place, "too everything and nothing at all" The lyrics are a bit goofily written but they fit the tune. (It's on youtube if you're curious how it does)

For When My Heart Fails (spiritual poem) I was in my room praying, thinking about how lucky it is that thanks to God I really don't have to worry. But no matter what it seems like I panic on a regular basis. Then I knew God wanted me to write this, for when my heart fails.

Give into Love (romance humor song) One of my favorites from Plain Jane. (See "A Brand New Day" and "Jane") There's another character named Conscience who was, you guessed it, Jane's Conscience. She can see her, she gives advice. Jane is in love with a guy named Daniel and she doesn't believe this can happen to her (see "Jane" for details on her self-esteem issues) so she doesn't believe it. Conscience swoops in to knock some sense into her. (Is now on youtube)

Dolly (general hurt/comfort story) I wrote this story for my dad for his birthday (hence the dedication). These characters were originally for a series of short stories called "The Rainbow Springs Chronicles" about just a bunch of characters living in this valley. Each was based on a color. Goldie was the color yellow, Brock was the color green (his full name was Brock A. Lee) and Red was...well I think you can guess. Ironically in the original stories Red was 18- Goldie's older brother. This story isn't part of that series but I decided to use them for this story.

Smile (Angst/hurt/comfort song) When I was journaling on one of my "down days" I jotted down some poetic like angsty stuff. Lately I've been taking a lot of my thoughts and translating them into songs like my life's a musical or something. I took some of the lines of the poem and mixed them with some new lyrics and voila! Don't forget to smile. (and check it out on youtube) :)

The Homework Song (Humor song) So I was about to do my homework one day and I really was dreading it. So instead of doing it I went into one of my musical moments where my life turns into a real life musical and I wrote a song instead. :) It's sort of hokey I know. On youtube! (I did eventually do my homework I'm pretty sure)

To Be (Life Poem) So I sometimes worry about how people view me. Don't we all? I tend to get the "Worry about irritating others" thing. But I also want to be a good person and stand up for that. I have come to the conclusion that if you just are then the rest comes naturally. Of course I feel this poem didn't turn out as my best...I realize the punctuation is wacky too; it's a very difficult poem to punctuate!

Titleless (Religion poem) Oi, am I disappointed that this poem has no title. But hey, Emily Dickinson didn't really title her poems, and Shakespeare's sonnets were just numbered to there you go. This was just me taking a gander at life, realizing that we can never really be "perfect" and then realizing that it's ok. No real story story of inspiration here, sorry.

Jesus the Constant the Rock (Spiritual song) I felt the need to write a soothing, quiet spiritual. This is actually the first song I wrote with accompaniment. Check it out on youtube!

If Life was a Musical (Humorous play/musical) I was in choir class the Friday before Winter Break, watching a musical (sound familiar?) And me and one of my friends (Who happeneds to be named Neal, though the charachter and the person are completly different people.) were discussing the wonderful logic of musicals and what it would be like if life was a musical. The next thing I know I am writing it with much aid from Neal. Some songs are actually taken from stuff I've posted here before like "World of White","Jane", and "Let me Out, Let me In" But hey, it's my stuff so I can use it. :D NOTE!!! I am currently un reorganizing this. It's been a little hectic in "Musical logic" land, but God willing it should be up again in a new order and hopefully FINISHED.

The Journal (General poetry): I had to write a poem based on the poem The Geranium by Theodore Roethke for English. I had to take an object, describe it's significance to me, personify it and show my relationship with it without directly saying "My friend", "my enemy", etc. I do indeed own this journal, and it does indeed say "Don't read me, please." Actually, originally it said "Don't read, please." But for the sake of flow and personification I literally went into the journal and added a "me".

The Alien Mission (Sci-fi Humor Adventure) This was written by my younger brother Jordan for young authors. Me and my mom both thought it was incredibly funny, so I decided to put it on fictionpress. In case you were curious, he got an A-. :)

Ok (A Family hurt/comfort story) The characters in this story are the most used by me. I've spent so much time developing them that I could pretty much tell you where any of them were and/or were doing at any age between 4 and 33. This is just one of the many stories involving the Harrisons that I decided to write for a short story contest. Well, it was for a short story contest untill I missed the deadline. Now it's for my school's literary magazine, the Brush & Quill. (In case you remember it these are the same charachters from "A Twister of Fate" way back when)

No More Knights (Humorous love song): So this story's inspiration is kind of ironic. Actually the original title's inspiration came from "Don Quixote of La Muncha) but I wrote this as I was giving up on someone. (Not going into anymore details) But right after I wrote it successfully I got a boyfriend. Funny, ain't it? Check it out on youtube!

Dandelion Girl (A Nature General Poem): So there was a poetry contest at my school, and I procrastinated until about a week before when I finally said, "Oh, I'd better write my poem." I tried out one thing, then it sort of petered out half way through and lost it's purpose. So then as I was thinking about it, gazing out the window, I saw a bunch of dandelions in my backyard. Honestly, they are my favorite flowers. But people don't like them. What I really noticed about them was that they close up at night and bloom in the morning like all flowers. and I thought, "They bloom like all the rest." lightbuld, lightbulb. Dandelion Girl is born! (I actually did win my poetry contest.) (And realized I didn't add the line about blooming to the final poem )

The _ Show in Town. (A Humor poem): Me and my younger brother are both true blue theatre kids. During my younger brother's last play we started saying, "It's the best show in town! It's the worst show in town! It's the ONLY show in town!" And I thought "Hey! That would be a fun Shel Silverstein poem." Two shows later I finally wrote it.

Summer (A general nature poem) Wow! My fourtieth thing on this site! :O This poem took shape when I was at Lake Michigan in the middle of July. I was feeling especially poetic and thinking about all sorts of things...like all the shades of blue the ocean (well, lake...) was when the sun hit it, and if it would hurt a rock's feeling's more to leave it where I found it, throw it in the water as far out as I could, or take it home. After a lot of sitting around and pondering, eventually I ended up in the water at the bidding of my step-sister. (Thank you Whitefairy24601 ;)) And soon all of us were playing around in the water and having a grand old time!

Memories: (A Family Poem)- This one was written for my AP Language and Composition. It was origonally supposed be based on the poem "Where I Come From" by George Ella Lyon. Not much else to say...

A Year in Writing (General LOTS of short stories) DELETED!!! (I reposted Spirit of Exploration and the Arms of the Angels (now retited Lost and Found), but if you all don't mind terribly Checkerboard Blues I'm at the moment keeping for other purposes)

Until I've Learned to Fly- (Spiritual song) In my life I'ver noticed that the hard, fast (and occasionally unexplained) bouts of depression, the unexpected tragities and catastrophes can give way to just splendid bouts of joy and hope. They're all part of God's cycle to make us stronger and make us more like him. (Check out Romans 5:3-5) For me it conjured the imagry of a baby bird who when learning to fly has to climb the tree and leap off of it be hurt and climb again until it leaps off and can fly.

By Your Grace (I Live) (Spiritual Song)- So we all have an issue with the concept of Grace- I know I did. How was I still saved when I was so imperfect? Then I watched a certain video on youtube- the skit guys in "Grace, we just don't get it" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9IOZfZBb4g It put it in a very funny and understandable way and even referenced one of my favorite Bible verses. Then as I sat down and prayed the first part of the chorus came to my head. "By your grace I live, by your love I thrive" God is good. That's all I have to say.

Let Me Out, Let Me In (Spiritual (gospel?) song) Been doing a lot of that praising stuff lately, haven't I? :) There's a lot to sing praises about! Anyway, this was one of those things where a line popped in my head. In this case it was "Let me out, let me in." Then it was finished with "I don't want to keep living my life for sin". I gues God just stuck it in my brain for a reason then. Not a lot else.

Just Another Unrequited Love Song ((Unrequited) Love Song) Hmm... maybe God willing one day I'll tell you all the real story behind this... Well let's put it this way. Converting negative energy into creative energy can be quite rewarding, like David writing psalms. You want to know the whole story? I can message you if you're really curious I suppose.

Lost and Found (Spiritual drama hurt/comfort story) This was origonally part of my "A Year in Writing" challenge in which I tried to write a short story one for every two weeks for a little under a year. Obviously, (from the "deleted" mark of five stories above)I failed epically and decided to repost at least some of the stories. This was the first. I wrote it while listening to the song "The Arms of the Angels" by Sarah Mclachlan as I drew a picture of the "girl at the pew..." and I had been in a situation where I had to come to God and repent for some things I wasn't too proud of and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my heart (praised be his name!). I started describing the girl on the back of that page and that turned into "The Arms of the Angels" or as it is now "Lost and Found".

Spirit of Exploration (General family (with references to) adventure story) Another story from my "A year in writing" endeavor. (see above story for explantation) Fredrick and Connie are actually from a story I wrote in which they did travel around for a while... just it wasn't Africa, it was the fantastical country of Noellia. They had to go back to being normal people after going out in that world for a few years (even though when they came back no time elapsed so it's like they're older than they really are) I thought this would mess anyone up, but especially Fredrick, but the thing is you can't pull Noellia into a story out of context. So I changed traveling Noellia as "Outsiders collecting stories" to "African wildlife photographers"

Crazy Cat Lady (Generally a humorous sci-fi story) This was a true story... and by true story I mean I truly had a dream that went like this, woke up, and made up the rest of the stuff. Well, I'm pretty sure. Some of the details are a little fuzzy (a don't mean fuzzy like cat hair ;)), so some might not be completly accurate but I really do feel I tried. As for the tone... I don't know. I was reading C.S Lewis the day before and I guess I went for that style because it was a little serious so that was the only way the absurdity of this could possibly work. Plus I felt like Sherlock homes. :)

The Notebook (A humourous poem) All day one day it seemed the phrase "the notebook" kept popping in my head wherever I"d go. Then finally late that night after doing homework I just sat down, grabbed that notebook, and this was what came out. I guess God wanted me to write about notebooks.

The Minstrel- (A Tragic yet Romantic Fable) The Minsrel is from my year in writing deleted series where I was suppose to post a short story once per two weeks. This I only finished half of, but loved it soooo... here's the first half. It was origonally a different story with a woman who ran away from home and came upon Troubadour and was embarrased when she found out she'd been watching her for several days. Embarrased on her being just a homely girl she lies about her identity. I abandoned that story due to time constraints on the story goal. I litterally felt this story sitting in my heart so one day I took out a pen and thought "If it'll come out it will" so I was surprised when the song "Melanchloly Blue" came out considering it's from an old swashbuckling story/game I used to do. (It was on this site for a little while) but it ended up going into this story a lot better than before. (The song Melancholy Blue is sung by me on my youtube)

A Request (A love Poem) Now if you look at my past poems and songs dealing with romance you may or may not notice an evolving attitude toward romance. This I wrote in class one day at the cusp of realizing that, well, I'm not affectionate. And I don't care... well...if I don't end up as a lovey dovey lover. I'd be content with just a certain someone to just see me as a friend and nothing more even if my feelings say otherwise. Afterall, what more do I want from him?

Thirteen (A Life Poem): Written for a Creative Writing class. We were given a whole list of similies (Poor as_ Rich as_) Then we fill it out with similies that make sense (Poor as dirt. rich as Bill Gates) Then we picked a couple and switched them around so they'd be more intetresting(Poor as Bill Gates. rich as dirt). Then we had to use the similies in a poem about whatever. I realized that I'd picked a lot of High school related similies (Teens at Taco Bell, Facebook crush wall stalking...) so I went with that! :)

Dying is the Greatest Attainment (Spiritual Poem) Ok, before I say ANYTHING, this stuff has METAPHORICAL and real meanings. Don't put me in an institution. I'm not suicidal except for in a spiritual sense some times in how I insist on doing idiotic stuff that puts me under spiritual train wheels and physical distress. I wrote this for my creative writing class. It was an Emily Dickinson style "paradox poem" that started with a paradox (in my case "dying is the greatest attainment if life for me" and "to lose all of my gold and silver the greatest wealth") and explain it. It had to be in Quatrains (stanzas of four) that did not rhyme. So I kind of went with a paradox that I knew fairly well. The life we gain in death through Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior and what that's meant for me. :)

The Tale of Sarah McCann (A humurous narrative poem) The latest couple of poems are from creative writing. We had to do a lot of poetry our first quarter of the class. So this was a poem in which we drew the name of a phobia from a basket and had to write a humurous poem about that phobia while incooperating the name of the phobia in the poem or the title. Mine was chinophobia, the fear of snow. I'm greatful for the chance to work chinaphobic into the poem, I didn't think it would end up in there.

What God Made Me (A spiritual poem) Written for that awesome creative writing class :D The base of this poem concept was we had to write a poem with I think at least four stanzas that went "If you were... and I was..." or "if I was... if you were..." about someone we like well enough. (actully we had to do both I think about different people. I just didn't type and post the other one... if was about someone else and I'm not sure whatever became of it other than it's probably just sitting in an accordian folder somewhere) So I went with someone I REALLY like: God. :) (Yes, I do write a lot of poems and songs and fiction about God.)

The Hunting Hour (nature (kind of) poem) In creative writing one of our last poetry assignments was to do a free verse... that was it. A poem in any format about anything. I couldn't think of anything and the assignment was already late. So I glanced up and saw my kitty sitting on the window sill. My cat Beatrice, we always joke about being a "panther" and a "predator" and this is basically what it's like when she's in "poncing mode" There's actually a time of day usually when she's extra pouncy. We call it "the pouncing hour" or "the hunting hour" where the kitten hunts.

My Bad: (A slightly sarcastic love poem) Throwing this out there right now, the speaker of this poem is not me. Of course, all speakers and characters generally have at least a little bit of the author in them, but this character has got a lot more of a character named James Moore in them. James is a guy, so the way I describe the feelings aren't necessarily exact with his feelings for his girl, but the sort of tongue and cheek tone of the poem... it's a long story, but sorry goes with him and his feelings, trust me. This too was written for an assignment based on the poem "This is just to say" It was suppose to be more tounge and cheek than this, so I didn't get full points, but on its own I think it's a fairly ok poem.

Mr. Drake (A Young adult story filled with friendship with an air of mystery) Yay! Some fiction on this site again from Potoperson :D I wrote this for the second half of my creative writing class that was more fiction based. We basically had to write a 20-30 page short story about whatever the flip we wanted. The idea for the story itself actually came from a different writing assignment in which I had to take a picture and write a story and/or newstory about what about what happened before during and after. When I was searching for pictures I came upon a bit of art someone did in which they took an old fashioned map and wrote in thick, jagged pen letters "LET'S RUN AWAY TOGETHER" I had this whole concept of some kid sending this secret message to an older (like Mr. Drake older, or older than that) friend while he was in prison. The idea didn't strike me as being very popular, but I decided to write it for my final story because I developed a strong affection for the two characters, Chris (purposly named so for Christopher Columbus) and Mr. Walter Drake (A mix of Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake) and that story would have been WAY too long for that assignment... well... it was too long for this assignment too, but hey it wasn't too obscene. (That scene didn't end up in the story)

Voice (A fantasy, though mostly Spiritual and Romantic story) Voice has had many different forms over the years. Surprisingly the first form of this story was a manga. Yes, a manga. It was about a girl named Aki Fugisaki and her sister Ayame who attended a fine arts school. She meets and falls in love with a violinist named Haru Sohma. There have been several variations of this story, one that used to be on this site that was from Haru's perspective that actually had the curse. There was another story I had called "The Quest" about a knight named Sir Daniel (LE GASP) who was trying to find his purpose and a minstrel named Alice. This voice is a combo of these two stories along with a lot of my own experience, so it's rather important to me. I hope you like it! :)

Santa (A humorous one-act play/scene) So I just recently graduated high school, and my high school has a series of freshman sophomore one-act plays once a year. My teacher mentioned that they were considering doing some student written shows so I said, "Give me a deadline" I did two scripts. The first one was just the story "Burnt Toast" in my "Breakfast" stories turned into a script which is much shorter. This one felt like it just sprang from my heart and I started typing it on my way home from Wisconsin Dells and the the whole thing just came easily. (Guess God stuck that one in my heart) I like how it came out, I hope it's not too long for its purpose though. (Now featured in one of Aurora University's creative writing publication Nolos for Fall 2012)

God in Three Lines (Simply a spiritual poem) Well... as eloquent as we think ourselves God is greater than we can describe or imagine.

Courtyard in a Bad Neighborhood (A comforting play about a hurting world) This play was written for a final project in my intro to theatre class my Freshman year in college at Aurora University. The story of the play actually was inspired when I saw this picture. http:///favourites/?offset=96#/du21ir The text on the bottom translates more or less to Courtyard in a Bad Neighborhood. As for the heart of it, I was dealing with this theme in my life a lot this semester. A lot of the classes were doom and gloom and look how jacked up the world is to the point it is so easy to get disillusioned and give up. If it weren't for God I really don't know what I would have done...
You may notice that good old Troubadour is back along with Margaret. They managed to find their way into this story and I'm so glad because they fit so well there and I so realize how much I love them as characters. Especially this new take on Margaret.
I've got some high hopes for the future of this play but I need some real honest feedback. If something isn't sitting right or what not TELL ME.

Heartbreaker (A little bit of romantic angst (though perhaps not in the way you think)) I don't want to go into what inspired this, but lets just say we have some things in common, me and the narrator.

Burnt Toast (feel good one act) This story is already on this site. It's the second short story in the Breakfast collection that I polished up and turned into a one-act for my school's use.

A Song of Irresolution (A poem of not knowing what to be in life) I am indecisive and have always been. It can be choosing which door to leave my dormitory from or it can be how to be. This is sort of a contrast to my "to be"poem from a while back. Sometimes I try so hard to listen to every single variation and side of how to live one's life that I just plain don't know what to do with myself. I know I need to stand for something but what do I stand for? (WHAT DO I STAND FOR, MOST NIGHTS I DON'T KNOW. ANYMO-O-O-O-ORE) It's tough cookies.
Interestingly enough a lot of these sections were written at different times. The reoccurring "floating in between worlds" I actually wrote Sophmore year of high school but the line never found a home. The second half of that part the "never really knowing/exactly what I'm feeling" was actually written last year when I once again tried to do something with it. The balancing the sky on my head, kaleidoscopic sea, and weary of walking the line parts were written in class the same day and the room of screaming people was the same class a different day. The rest was written now, though the weakness not to pick a side was actually slightly quoted from a respected school official at my school and the strand for nothing fall for anything was actually Alexander Hamilton I think.

Tales from the Bear's Teeth (Side stories from Voice which is a fantasy though mostly spiritual and romantic story) (see Voice for details) I am a girl that really enjoys side characters, and Voice is filled with them. In fact there's a whole camp of knights, squires, and other workers that have stories. Some of their stories I know better than others (ie, Cyril and Francis whom I am obsessed with), but they all do have stories! So occasionally if I want to share a story or something (for example if I'm stuck on Voice or on hiatus or something) I may spin the tail of Cyril and Francis, or Sir Nicholas and Wilky, or Amos, or Norbert or something. I just wanted to put them some place so people could read them if they so chose. This also offers a chance to put in stories that happen within Voice that you just don't see since the story is pretty firmly entrenched in Alice's perspective, for example what happened back at Bear's Teeth after Part 2 chapter 5 "Breaking Point". It's more a for fun story section for me and may not be as seriously updates as the others. (though I reallly really want to and intend on sharing Cyril and Francis' story so you all understand my feels...)

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