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About Me: I'm simply a inspired writer. There's a lot of stuff going on each day in life that can inspire you to write, you just have to imagine it, create an image. If you're wondering why I have a name such as "World Theorist", it actually serves a key purpose. While I once used other names like "Crystal Knight," or "Author Z.", they were purposely used for show. But I figured I had to go with a pen-name that meant something. "World Theorist," merely explains my view on the world around me. I express a bit of common problems, situations, and themes in my fiction, and that's what gave me the idea for this new name.

Hobbies: Video games, reading, writing, and sometimes taking an occasional jog.

Why I came to Fictionpress: There are so many great authors and fictions on this site, I just had to sign-up the second I got here. Initially I was simply a reader, reading fictions here and there, but eventually I decided to get an account so that I could contribute my literary work to the fictionpress community.

Life offline: I am currently a college student. I live in a fairly peaceful town, yet my neighborhood is a war-zone. My days usually revolve around education, work, and video games weekdays, and writing, reading, and more video games weekends.

My main goal: Truth to be told, The Video game industry is one of my main inspirations. I soon hope to find a suitable career in that area. In fact, "The Blue Fox Legend" is actually something I hope of turning into an video game some day...

My current Fiction: The Blue Fox Legend, Book 1/3: Fallen Hopes

I'm thanking all those who took the time to read "The Blue Fox Legend"-it's truly been a blast writing this tale.

Summary and production of this fiction:

(2010) UPDATE:

Time has gone by at a fast pace. When I first began writing this fiction in January of 2009, I must admit I took my time in writing it. Generally the first few chapters were short, but as the story progressed the chapters became even longer, and I had to put much work into completing them. But over the course of 2009, I had faced a number of distractions and obstacles; work was one obstacle, and education was another. I was basically strained for time all the while, and unfortunately I couldn't write as much as I wished to-it had actually taken me (believe it or not), 8 months to submit two chapters. These chapters themselves were actually ten times the length of all previously written chapters combined, and a lot of revising was put into both of them. But those few who had read this fiction in the past of course no longer anticipated the arrival of any new chapters, seeing that I didn't update the fiction for quite a while, so all those who were once fans of this work, were gone.

In 2010, I took the initiative to continue writing this fiction regardless of whether or not it would receive any feedback or reviews. That is when I then submitted "chapter 8" in the series. To this day it has not been read, nor do I believe it will ever be read, or any other chapters I submit. I receive one or two ghost readers to my introduction chapter every now and then, but that is all.

To my credit, my future is more organized and set. I have set aside more time to this fiction, and I am currently writing "chapter 9" as we speak. By the end of this year, I hope to have finished book 2, and complete book 3 soon. Though this fiction is not exactly popular, I still have great faith in it, and I will see it to the finish. I thank those who have taken to the time to read my profile, please check by often for updates.

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