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Hi! I'm a guy named Jake/ The Black Thief..

I have a fanfiction DOT net name but i don't go there that often.


Name: The Black Thief

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Location: I don't know where I am either/ some were in my mind

Origins: 100 Irish

Hair Colour: Light/dark Brown...i'm growing it out.

Eyes: blue/green

Height: 5' 4''

No braces or glasses

Other Stats: I'm skinny and a picky eater. I like to swim and ride bikes. I love the computer and reading. Addictinggames DOT com is my life. I play Animal Crossing a lot and have a cooler house than my sister. I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 before my sister even got to the Deep Jungle level in the first game! Sometimes I watch anime but i'm not that into it. I sleep in a loft which doesn't even have four walls.

I love to read horror.


Movie: Too many to write but I love The Stand.

Books: Stephen King books like The Stand. Maximum Ride (even though i haven't finished the series)

Baseball Team: White Sox =)

Colour: blues, greens, blacks, grays, whites.

Animal: Wolverines, wolves, werewolves, things that eat people.

Music: too many...

T.V. shows: I watch Code Lyoko a lot... I finished the series in 3 days. (its true) I also got into Survivor and Kid Nation.

Odd is my favorite character and I love the fanfiction DOT net story The Gummy Power which is a Code Lyoko story.

I have a cats named Mittens, Ali, and Kramer. I have two sisters a mom, dad, stepmom, and stepdad.

I like to act like a goof ball in the car while listening to music.

I have read the books Twilight and the other two of the series by Stephanie Meyer and I love Jacob Black the werewolf cause he rocks my socks.

I draw stick figure cartoons and watch them on the internet. I watch Robot Chicken videos on Youtube and even enjoy bloopers to anime that my sister shows me.

I like books better vs. the movie that people try to make out of them.

Some Youtube Videos that I like:

Robot Chicken-The Ultimate Showdown

My Chemical Romance-Welcome to the Black Parade

Rabbit and Mouse-You a Rock and Nothing

Rabbit and Mouse- Moviestime

Rabbit and Mouse- The O.C.

Rabbit and Mouse-The Straight Commersh

Rabbit and Mouse-Late Night Interview Style Tv Program

Kingdom Hearts Chronicles-1

Kingdom Hearts Chronicles-1.2

Kingdom Heart Chronicles-1.3

I'll think of more later.

I like to ramble...


"I don't see any bees outside the car. WHY ARE THEY ALL INSIDE THE CAR."- Rabbit and Mouse

"Exuberjoyment" -Rabbit and Mouse

"With just two easy payments of $17/5.95 you could have Zap out the Fatners" -Rabbit and Mouse

"Three years ago, Scientist just working from the Secret Buncker in Monico stumbled upon what they called the Elixir of Never Having to Say You're Sorry because You're So Skinny Now"

"The First Day: take two in the morning and two at night, drink only Orange Juice and wear only burlap and wash your car twice. On Day Two crank it up a notch with three in the morning, skip lunch, take five then hurry home to finish the entire first bottle, stay away from juice, write your memoirs and sleep with one eye open. Day Three is bathroom day bring a book. On Day Four you'll take up smoking. Day Five move to Montana. On Day Six celebrate, that tone person is you take 17 before bed!" - Rabbit and Mouse

"You get four bottles, the Six Day Plan Action Planner (with crayons), this set of collectible wizards, and your very own stack of misprinted Thank You Cards." -Rabbit and Mouse

"Now it is time to play The Quiz Game Involving Current Events" -Rabbit and Mouse

"Question Two. When Mr. Ganzales was elected to the Supreme Court which country boycotted the Olympics?"
"Unfortunate. The answer was East Utah" - Rabbit and Mouse

"Rock, Nothing you have a chance to steal."
"OH! Running out the clock."

"Professor Doolittle of The University of Down the Street says that you are 5 million years old. Thats CRAZY!" - Rabbit and Mouse

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