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The pen name was taken from in a book, so i just wanted to give credit to that, "Confesions of a Serial Kisser"

Now...some stuff about me...why you would wanna know that, is beyond me, but hey...anything to make u guys happy!

My age: 14, and proud!

Birthday: I'd rather not to say anything, but you only live once, right? lol. July 25th! Yipee!

Gender: You'll probably be able to tell by my writing (...when I post it...), but I'm a girl!

Place of birth: A wonderful place where the trees are tall, and the mountains are taller. I love where I was born, and wish to return. In other cigar here for all you stalkers! lol.

Current province: A land of fantasy, to most; only the trained eye can even catch a glimpse of the beauties this world witholds. Unfortunately, I await someone to come and penetrate the barrier that separates this world and mine. I'm waiting for my saviour's hand to reach out and grab me by the wrist and take me home, to the place I belong. I do hope that they will find me, for I am not myself...I am lost to those who love me.

Likes:...Hm...tough one...reading and writing. Love to write plays, and love to play pretend!...Jesus! (and no..none of my writng is religious...I just pray every night is all)...mmm, dragons. High places, I love the fresh air. I like to play guitar.

Dislikes: I like cats, but lyk dogs a bit more...dogs all the way! Weehee!

Looking forward to getting feedback from everyone. Reviews are lyk...THE LIGHT OF MY please R&R if you get the chance...I make it a point to try and review back...


let the faded pictures, still frames

p a s s u s b y

we are no longer p a r t of that world


srri about that..just feeling a need to just get it out there...

I'm in the process of revising what I have just written so I can post it. Hope you all will enjoy.

Oh! and please feel free to just send me a random PM or visit my new homepage and post a comment or something...although I haven't put much up on the blog yet...I'll let u know when I do. But yah, send me a message, I love making friends!

Hey there people! I'm, well... lately I've taken I liking to Dai, so yeah. Anywho! I'm 17 and and and I'm high up on sugar! Yum. I'm completely average yet unique, I have brown hair but it can look gold, and I have matching eyes that turn jade-ish sometimes o_0 I guess I'm tall, but I just think it's average, but with the newer generations getting shorter, I think that's going to change. Uhhh... and I would love to have canary yellow 2004 mustang with a black convertible top! Super sexy car! -huggles it-

I love purple! Well, as much as I do love purple, if you asked me what my favorite color was I'd say indigo cuz I can never realy decide over blue or purple so I mix them together, lol. I love the number 4 and 7, I can't pick between them either so the same color philosphy applies - I listen to and enjoy all kinds of music, but I have special place in my heart for alternative. I don't really watch a lot of television or movies but I like dramas and such as long as the content varies. I heart anime, even though I'm very picky as to what I'll watch - I enjoyed Vandread, Full Metal Alchemist, Noein, Naruto, and... I think that's it, besides the classics of course like Tenchi and Sailor Moon - I love mint ice cream, especially if it's green with thin chocolatey pieces, yummerz.

I have a younger brother and two older stepsisters, all of which I love very much, even when they annoy me and drive me crazy. That's why they're there, and I love them. I'm not really talented but I like to sing, write, dance, and just chill. Enjoy life, y'know? Oh, that reminds me of a character in Kingdom Hearts II that said "y'know?" so much that I threathened to turn off the game... but then I'd have to hear all over again -_-

I don't like fruits or vegetables, so it's a wonder why I'm still alive. I believe that there's a middle ground between all that's white or black. I don't like money, and if it were up to me, all money would be recycled into a better cardboard box or shiny necklace, and we would exchange chickens for currency. I like to mix stuff toget her so I don't like plain vanilla or plain chocolate, I like nice vanilla and chocolate... why can't all flavors just get along, huh? and Muffins!! lol

I smile a lot, too much in fact, but just can't help it! And with smiles usually come laughs! I laugh a lot too, but contrast to popular belief I really don't have a sense of humor =( I've only left the country once and that was to go to Costa Rica, and with that, i wholeheartedly recommend water rafting and bridge jumping! They're both ervy exciting experiences that I think everyone should try... in Costa Rica. Oh! and the food and skies are really good too!It'd be great to go visit again -

And to wrap me up: I love white chocolate macadamian cookies, I like winter and autumn because they're the less hotter seasons of the year, and I appreciate all hugs and kisses! woohoo!

so, with much love

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