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A DreamWriter

About me... twenty-years-old, born during the month of the great D. I'm Canadian, eh. I can't fit in, even when I try. I always liked to narrate my days starting on Monday as I walked to school and back but it never really worked out. Writing is my passion but music is the addiction that keeps me going and constantly inspired. I'd rather have a cat than a dog, a black child than a white one -this is me being racist against my own skin, aha-, and choose candy over chocolate. Horror concepts intrigue me but my imagination works against me when I read or see anything about them. Morgan Freeman is my favourite actor.

This is my second account and it's for ONE SHOTS ONLY.

The link to my stories account.

If you want to read more of my works that are older or band fictions, click the Homepage link and go to my Quizilla.

News: April 17th, 2011

New-- Well I'm finally back. Writer's Block is a killer. Thanks to my brother.

Old-- Congratulations! A new short one shot, no idea what to do with it. Sorry it's been so long. School is a killer.

Accident Prone is influenced on a nightmare my cousins' lived through. It won't be a horror one shot though, just based on a tragic accident. Romance too.

A Love That's so Demanding was solely inspired by the song Famous Words by My Chemical Romance, where the title comes from. It's based on a strained relationship between a father and son, both in a shady business, and the girl and song that won't go away.

"It takes A Special Type of Person to commit murder." Going to be very different from everything I've written, stories included, and stray to become my first ever horror work, based on a nightmare of mine. Oh when there's homicide in the family.

Doll Face. About a girl's love for her grandpa and his charming ways and how his words help make it better when he dies. "Don't say it's ok." "But it will be, princess." & "They didn't understand how she could love that man. But to her he was always more than a man, he was her King. And like all good kings, he deserved to be honoured and held in her highest regards."

Family Day is a boy's tale of loneliness on this statutory holiday for the celebration of family when he has no family to turn to. So what does he do? Tries to find someone else spending the day alone... and just happens to walk into a girl, a very pretty girl. One Shot Hiatus

Life Savers involves two young university students living next door to each other. Stormy winds and power outages bring them together and Life Savers get to know each other. The sweet candy is also involved.

On the Other Side is about a guy who accidentally hears a girl singing on the other end of his gamer headset. From there on, he keeps hearing her- he thinks- and becomes enraptured with her voice and the idea of her. Is she really in the aisle beside his in the store, the girl laughing with her friends in the halls, and the one ordering out for pizza on the phone? It all comes down to whether he's right or wrong about who the mystery girl when he hears her voice screaming for help on the other side of the chat when he turns the headset on one day.

Testing 1, 2, 3: Friends or Enemies questions the idea that maybe things would be different if the good girl and bad guy didn't openly loathe each other. What if they hadn't started on the wrong foot and they started talking -not screaming, for once-? Would they still be destined for each other? Would they even want it to end that way -not that they did originally-?

Word Searching for Love is a fun little one shot with a love-triangle, word searches, an unexpected unwanted bubble-gum suit combination, and much more intramural fun. All is fair in love and deceptive manipulative war taken to the next tire-popping level on your new turqoise and tassled bike. (Surprisingly based on my mother's childhood with two boys.)

P.S. Reviews are appreciated. They're not worth begging over but the ones written are highly-valued.

-- Posting Order:

1- Word Searching for Love

2- Life Savers

3- Family Day

4- A Love That's so Demanding

5- A Special Type of Person

6- On the Other Side

7- Doll Face

xx ADW

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