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All right, I am an avid anime fanatic. I practically breathe, sleep, and eat the stuff (though, oddly enough, I wouldn't be caught dead cosplaying). Now, outside of the Japanese realm, I am also an avid fan of the fantasy and romance genres. I love stories that bring the mythical and mystical into the world - everything from the medieval dragons and elves to a modern day reaper or vampire. Also, as a hopeless romantic, I would even put up with old cliches and obvious plot lines because I can still enjoy the story itself.

I hope that none of my stories become too cliche or obvious and if they do, I welcome the flames and criticism. I only wanna give you guys the best that my imagination can come up with, but you have to admit that most of the good ideas are already taken. I hope you enjoy my stories and flames will only be taken with a heaping helping of constructive criticism. Thank ya!

Favorite Anime (in no specific order):

Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Tennis no Ohjisama (Prince of Tennis), D-Gray Man, Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicle, Chrno Crusade, Demon Diary, Fairies' Landing, Dragon Ball Z, Fruits Basket, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, D.N.Angel, Full Moon O Sagashite

Favorite Online Manga:

Blackbird, Vampirates, An Age of Dreams: Serenian Century, Undertow, Looking For Group, Seraph Inn, Haru-Sari, Fantasy Realms

These lists may be added to or modified as needed (I may have forgotten some)


Sail Across the Sky: This is the story of a girl, Paige, who is tired of being restricted by the bonds of society and the upperclass. Her solution? Run away. She just never expected to be followed by a most unusual group and led into the craziest adventures on her way to freedom. Fortunately, with time even unwilling company turns into friendship. Between a cheery bard, a strange thief, their combined antics, and an overprotective elven knight, will she ever reach her destination?

Ether Lyell's Manifesto: The tale of a regular high school girl, Ether, who starts out her junior year normally, hoping for the opportunity to gain more information and insight to her manifesto on the teenage mind. Unfortunately, she gets dragged into the very dramas that she was hoping to only observe. And there's one problem: She doesn't DO drama. Looks like she'll just have to rescue her fellow teens from their woes then, won't she?

Game of Life: Elthee grew up on her vineyard hearing stories about how unhappy her father didn't realize he'd been as he was raised in the upper class, restrained by traditions and expectations. Now she's on her way to the capital of all his former troubles and she fully braces herself for a chorus of disdainful sniffs. Instead of spoiled brats, though, she finds...a very quirky world, where the grand and unconventional are embraced and life is enjoyed to its fullest in the strangest ways...will this be easier or harder to survive than snooty aristocrats?

Not Quite Conventional: A one-shot comedy bringing together the worlds of cliché fairy tales and modern day life. After all, things change with time. Here is the new trio of knight, villain, and damsel - just don't mess with the brownies.


Sail Across the Sky: Chapter 3 up 10-29-07

Ether Lyell's Manifesto: Chapter 1 up 2-3-08

Game of Life: Chapter 1 up 6-7-08

Not Quite Conventional: One-shot up 8-15-08

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