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Name - Sombra...that's all you shall know me as XD
Gender - Female
Tattoo- On my back (Wolf) Chest (Tribal moon, wolf head outline)

Hair Color - Black and blonde.
Eye Color - Light brown

UPDATE time. (October 15, 2012)

Stiiill working long hours. About 48 a week (killer days).

About me, again. I want to say I'm laid back, but I don't think I am. I really don't show my emotions like I should, most of the time I keep a straight face, even if I'm bursting with excitement. You'd probably only see if I was "annoyed", as that's about the only expression I seem to have if it is one.

I love my pets and I'm still very upset over the death of my dog Lady, even though it's been over two years that she's been gone. She was my best friend and got me through the hardest parts of my life. I have two dogs now, ones deaf. She's crazy as all hell but has the ability to make me laugh no matter what. The other one is just way too laid back for her breed xD.

Music is a big help for me. I can't say I have a favorite genre anymore, because I don't. I kinda just go with whatever sounds good to me at the time. I like the techno, electronic whatever it is that's taking over the radio right now though. But I've also liked it before it became the popular thing to do. Art is a huge help for me too. I wish I had gone through school for it sometimes still. I just had no money [ Still don't.

I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety...and most days it's the biggest thing to get out my bed. Which is why I've pretty much been on a halt with writing. I really, really want to write, but I have zero inspiration. If I do it's of something new and I really don't want to keep starting new things and not finishing them. Maybe it's what I need to do though...Hm. Ah well, we'll see.

And yea, that's all I've gotta say right now. Hope anyone who reads my story enjoys it. If you don't..well go to someone else's.

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