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Words are my outlet. I can say what I need to through writing. If you listen to the words, you can hear the music. If you read between the lines you can see the message. I am everything I am today because words exist. I believe that without words, civilization would crumble, without writing, our lives would be lost. So here's to those who take pride in words and turn them into more than just an art form, but a way of life.

The words of the poet

The writing from the heart

Lately I've been writing more short stories than poems, and everything is sounding a bit rushed at the end (probably because I am so desperate to finish things, I have one too many unfinished projects sitting around and I have taken a vow to finish what I start... hopefully). I am also trying to write about as many different topics as possible so that I can feel like a well rounded writer, so if my profile seems a little schizophrenic, that's probably why. Hopefully you will enjoy it anyway.

The Distance is currently the story I am working on right now. It's my first attempt at a fantasy. The idea had been forming in my mind for weeks until I had to sit down and write a chapter. The story just grew from there, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since, it's a really rewarding feeling to see everything I've been keeping in my mind appear before me on paper. I posted the first chapter earlier but went back and rewrote it. I am trying to add as many chapters as possible now, which is difficult to do with school and work and such. So far I have been adding chapters before I edit them, which I am realizing now is a big mistake. Some of the editing involves new crucial information as I tend to change the plot-line several times before I finally decide on something, this usually happens with the first few chapters so I should feel comfortable with the story soon. This just means that if you are one of the few following the story, there might be some new twist or clue in some of the chapters I edited, so you might want to check it out. I want everything to look good before I continue and I need you to tell me what looks good and what doesn't before I write more. So please read and review my work and I might do the same for you!

I hope you enjoy what you read!

NOTE: For some reason my computer has decided to repeat the first line of everything I post, it's very strange and I have no idea how to fix it, but just incase your reading something and think "why is this girl repeating herself?" it's not me, it's the computer, and computers hate me. But I love them. Unrequited love, the worst.

5 Recommendations:

1. White Lace Curtains and Yellow Daffodils (a short story)

2. The Distance (My first "developed" fantasy story, I use that term loosely because it is still no where near as developed as I would like)

3. One Knock (my first scary story, not done yet)

4. Invincible (a poem about invincibility)

5. The Serpent (a poem inspired by adam and eve)

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The serpent
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