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Hello to all! My name is Elizabeth, but I will ask to be referred to by my pen name Mei-Lien, and I am also (to some of you) the mind behind the Conductor!

I am indeed 25 years of age.

I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was in the 3rd grade. Currently I have writing pieces posted here, on DeviantArt under the name 'Zoey Sohma', and I also post my work on my furry account 'Mei-Lien' on FurAffinity. I began here by suggestion of my friends who knew how much I wrote. In class I never took notes unless I had writers block. Every moment of every day there would be a pen in my hand and some sort of odd, twisted idea would be flowing onto a blank (or not blank) page. Hell, I even wrote poetry on my tests! I know, I know. *slaps my own wrist* Thankfully I am much better at managing my time now that I am a bit older and wiser.

Currently yours truly is a practicing pagan with heavy influences in both Celtic and Nordic traditions and a lot of my older writing reflects my introspective and spiritual journies that I have taken through meditation and my own interpretation of the Divine. And some of it is also just my creative way of dealing with the baggage I have to carry and sorting through the damage that had been done to me in my younger days.

However, more recently I have discovered a new part of me that I wish to express in writing, and it is all thanks to the Conductor. For the past three years (or more) she has been rolling about in my head, seeing the world and making her place within it. Previously I was going to begin a novel including her, my Evelyn, and Bastion Miles (who has not be introduced yet. Keep a sharp eye out for him). However, the Conductor is unique, intriguing, and I felt like she deserved her own thing first so people can get to know her, find out who she is, what she does, and what she stands for before writing the work that will decide her fate!

So please, come in, meet the Conductor, follow her on Twitter @_TheConductor, and feel free to ask questions in the review section of her interviews. Or visit any other of my accounts to leave a comment/question there.

Thank you so much for reading, dearest viewers! I remain your humble writer, reader, and purple panda.


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