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I'm a simple kind of person who loves a good book.

I looooooooooooove manga, yaoi, reading, drawing, anime.

one day I hope to be an author and a manga creator.

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ABOUT ME: Like I mentioned before I'm a simple person who loves

a variety of things, never can just settle on one. I'm an indoor love,

outside's okay but I do prefer to be inside. There's just a lot I do.

I'm nice, try not to let my bad moods affect everyone else, got a

wild imagination that seems to never stop, I'm a fast typer so typos

often get past me, which I'm sure everyone has noticed, also I can be

very random. That's just me, just always try and look at the better side of things.

My Likes: Anime (mainly ones that don't

bore me), I like to draw, make up my own

mangas, reading books, read mangas, watch t.v.,play any Sim game and J-pop and J-rock, Interview with the Vampire Resident Evil, listen to music, Miyavi, The Vampire Cronicles, the Twilight series, Harry Potter movies and books, Yaoi, slash, Mozart Shonen ai, sports cars, cats and dogs

My Dislikes: I don't like over the top lies, drunks, bragging, homophobic

people, something that tries to be funny when it's not, celebrities that wont

go away, The Hills, Luguna Beach, stars that let sex tapes be

exposed, over dramatic movies and being sick when I don't want to be.

August 11. 2013

As of today I have deleted a lot of my stories chapters. A few months ago someone on here informed me that there was this person on Wattpad who stole one of my stories

as well as a bunch of other people's stories as well. -_-' I reported them immediately and thankfully the matter was resolved but I feel like when that happened it made

me want to at least copyright my stories and fix them as well. I have a lot of grammer and spelling errors I want to work on before I try and post them again (as someone

so kindly told me). Hopefully I can do that and I would also like to pursue possibly getting one of my stories published. It's always been a dream of mine to do so. I realize

that my story "All About Us" is not finish and for you loyal readers who enjoyed the story I wouldn't mind emailing you the chapters. Just let me know, I will try to improve

as a writer even with my busy schedule. Thanks for all the support and I really could not have done it without all you readers who never gave up on my error filled stories lol.

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Not supposed to by teeta reviews
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New school, new friends, new problems. Hayden's life is forever changed when she starts dating Makayla... and falls in love with her brother! Don't read if you're homophobic.
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How to Melt a Cold Heart by Fiona Hinseko and Sora Asonges reviews
MxM, Slash, Yaoi, Noncon, Violence. The village slut has been tasked with taking care of the kingdom's major problem. The Ice Prince is well known for his violence and cruelty. It's up to Daemyn to show him how good it is to let his ice thaw.
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Forever Mine by kaine reviews
About a boy... and his brother. And it's yaoi. Slash. What have you. It's all in there. Kill me if you see the need. Oh, and beware the typos.
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All About Us reviews
Payton and Angel have never been the best of brothers; but when they're suddenly trapped on a deserted island they must depend on one another to survive, which will stir up feelings that neither thought they could ever have.Warning:Slash-Twincest-Yaoi
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An erotic fantasy love story between a boy and strangely a demon Rin Sayuri never thought that the fate of the world would rest on his shoulders, or the fact that he would fall in love with a demon.YAOI-EXPLICIT
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Now and Forever Yours reviews
Hi, name's Jayden. My brother and I are together but unfortunately there's still more to come our way. Yaoi. Incest. MxM pairing. Sequel to Now and Forever in Secret.
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Angel Baby reviews
Takachi was always trying to be perfect, his perfect image is put to the test when he starts to have a crush on his mother's fiancé. Can he get past these feeling for the man that is about to be his step dad or let his perfect image fade. YAOIHARDCORE
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Rye is a powerful vampire prince who doesn't back down from no one, when his evil step mother sells him off, he now is slave to the even stronger vampire Lareil, who will teach him what its like to be dominated. yaoi.mm pairing.hardcore
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Yuki has a hard chose to make. His two bestfriends both want to be with him, what is a guy to do? Yaoi. mm. can get a bit hardcore. sex at end
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4,128 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 8/11/2007 - Published: 8/10/2007 - Complete
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