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August 5th, 2008- The next chapter of MLAA will be out shortly, but that's not I'm here to announce.

I have started my new story. It's titled: A French Quarter Faerie Tale.

In a nut shell: This tale is about silly dreamers and the bitterness that comes from a lack of dreams. It’s about loneliness, secrets, femme fatales, sexy mad men, murder, curses, ghosts, and true love. But mostly is about a girl named River who wasn’t the beauty of the tale, but since the beauty had been murdered by her prince, River was nominated to tame the beast.

It's basically a modern faerie tale of sorts that draws heavily on inspiration from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. It's set it Louisiana and has the propensity to be slightly film noir-esque at times.

Look for it sometime this week!


June 17th, 2008- READ ME! The format of chapter nine (concerning paragraphs, which I tried to shorten) is going to be the format for the rest of the story. I hope this helps everyone. If it doesn't...well...go get reading glasses. I think mine make me look distinguished.


Sept. 2nd, 2007-

First off, I'll get the important info out of the way. I'm working on the next MLAA chapter. I'm running out of steam on this story. Probably because it doesn't have fantasy or sci-fi in it and I so rarely write "just romance". But because I feel I must finish it and for the good of my sanity keep going to the end of this horrifically flawed and completely absurd bit of purple prose I'll just make it much shorter than I intended it to be.

I'll freely admit my greatest flaw as a writer (not the only flaw, mind you) is what I dubbed, "The ADD Plot Mixer". Basically it just means I get easily bored with a plot line and or characters and know that it sucks and feel there's nothing I want to do to make it better so I scrap it and start a new story. This is why I have over three hundred unfinished stories on various hardrives and disks, and stacking miles high in hard copies about the corners of my room.

But it will be finished.

Okay, now onto my rant. Why? Because I'm in a ranting mood and arrogant bastards inspire me to new feats of violence. As if I wasn't cranky enough already.

I'll explain why I hate (but still post stories here)

- I despise the reviewing system that FP has. First of all, no one really know how to constructively review anything other than a school essay. Not anyone's fault, mind you. It's just, 99.9 percent of people are merely "for pleasure" writers and in no way editors. Any editting exp. they have is from peer editting papers in school. I'm here to tell you that editting papers is COMPLETELY different that editting stories. Why? Well, when one edits a paper, they're editting for content as well as grammar. Is the subject that's being written about relevant to the assignment? Is it written in the correct essay-writing style? It's all very well and good. But here's the difference between essays and fiction. Fiction does NOT have a set style. Oh sure there are generally accepted rules concerning style. Voice is generally done in first or third person, the more descriptive phrases the better...oh I'm sure you can think of more. I'm tired and I don't want to list them all out. What I'm trying to say is that just because there are certain "accepted aspects" to style doesn't make a story any less of a good bit of fiction if it doesn't fit the mold. Confused? Here's an example. I was reading a story on FP that had lots of dialogue and practically no description. Granted it was confusing, but the dialogue was well-written. Still reviewers complained and called it "a sucky story" because they didn't approve of the style. It goes the other way too. The reviews for that story were in no way helpful to the author because when writing a review for fiction, never review the author's style. Ever. Style is relative. A person's writing style changes constantly as they grow in their writing ability. If you don't like a person's style, then don't read the story! But do not flame them or "constructively criticize" their style. In my way of thinking, it's like constructively criticizing a person's fingerprint. Don't be a dolt and tell me you'd do that, because you wouldn't.

- Reviewing annoyances aside. Writers are artists and artists by nature are moody arrogant creatures. I won't deny that I'm one of them. But it seems that most people on FP think they know everything there is to know about writing "good fiction". Which is also a very relative term and should never really be applied to any fiction. What is good fiction? Well there's the canon literature that ancient old men deemed "good enough to be classic" but in reality--and as much as it pains me to shoot down the canon because in my opinion all the works are worthy of recognition--the "genius" of the canon is merely based on opinion. Granted these works have stood the test of time so they're generally a cut above other writings, but that's another discussion altogether. "Good fiction" is an opinion. Opinions are not fact. Try to remember this. I find no reason for this arrogance. In anyone. Published author or not.

- Another thing that annoys me about FP, though slightly less than most of my "FP Pet Peeves", is the childishness that runs rampant. Yes, I know that most of the writers are younger. And I'm extremely happy that they're writing. I used to teach English and Writing to kids from second to sixth grade. I always loved reading what they wrote. Kids have the BEST imaginations. Unfortunately, when you get a group of kids together there's the competition and the arrognace (again) and the writing isn't about imagination and the love of words, but about how many people I can please and how many reviews I can get and how so and so thinks that he/she is better than him/her over there and because more people have reviewed their story and thus they know more about writing and suddenly become the paragon of all writing virtues. Oi vey. When kids write with and review other kids it becomes a popularity contest. And does the world honestly need anymore of those? No. Discounting the very obvious reasons that it's annoying.

- So why the heck am I here? Well, I'm hoping I can bring the sheer love of writing back to FP. A large task for one silly, old dreamer, but hey, even if I only make a difference for a few people, it's still a difference. I'm not going to say I'm always right or that I never let arrogance get the better of me or I find myself wishing I had more reviews or whatnot. Because it happens to me too. But when it all comes down to it, I'm here to share my love of writing and my journey. Be it until I end up published or even after as I'm still striving for that perfect story that touches lives and imaginations.

Sappiness aside...GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES AND GO WRITE, dammit all.

I wonder if I made any sense at all. There are probably lots of typos. Ah well. At least I wrote it.

Oh yeah, so what does this mean about leaving ME reviews? Go on, tell me I have a ton of run on sentences and a bazillion typos. I'll be grateful to you because I edit my own stories and I don't catch everything. Want to flame me? Eh, whatever. I'll keep writing. Nothing you say can stop me. Want to tell me I'm the best thing since sliced bread and the toaster oven? Everyone needs a little praise now and then. I'll give you an internet cookie for taking the time to even read my story. Don't want to review at all and just read my stories? Go right ahead. You still get a cookie for reading. But what I want from you, most of to keep writing. No matter what.

Oh look, I finally made an account. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about fictionpress. Some things about it still really bug me, but okay. I'll try it.

I'm Mad...or Maddie or Crazy Mad Insane. I'm twenty-two gloriously ordinary years old, I live alone (well, okay, I live with a sugar glider named Morpheus who seems paranoid about me stealing and eating his worms.), play the harp, drink earl grey tea and white zinfandel, and love to watch cartoons. Oh and I'm a gypsy.

I love writing. It's my favorite thing in the world to do and it makes the voices in my head stay quiet.

What you can expect to find in Mad's stories: Humor, action, adventure, torture, angst, romance, violence, fantasy, supernatural, run-on sentences, excessive comma usage, random creepy crap, blood, bishies (I could do this in alphabetical order...but I won't...), anime/video game/movie/book references, poorly written poetry, aburdly flowery descriptions, and a bevy of other lovely, insane bits and pieces that tell me I can only get better from here.

Various Random Facts About Mad
Loves video and pc games
Hates large bodies of water (lake, rivers, oceans, ect.)
Plays the harp
Can get drunk on half a Long Island Ice Tea if she hasn't eaten before drinking
Likes dancing in the rain
Adores coconut milk
Thinks men are complicated.
Has been in love once
Doesn't like going to big parties if she doesn't know more than three people.
Is still afraid of the dark
Checks her closet every night for things that go bump

Name: Mad
Age: 22
Marital Status: Complicated
Occupation: Gypsy
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Nationality: Romanian


My Life as a...

Mercedes Kain was sensible, smart, and had a stick stuck up her ass. Expect when she was drunk. Which got her into the mess in the first place. Now she's stuck pretending to be engaged to a hot, arrogant asshole while crushing over his enigmatic band mate. Yeah, soap operas had nothing on Mercedes' tale.

Notes on the story: This story is really just writing itself. I started it one day after a stint at Borders in the manga section. I wrote the first paragraph about five times until I came up with Mercedes Kain, who's a bit of a sarcastic bitch really. The band members just sort of appeared. It's weird, but I really thought Vincent was going to be the nice guy and Nix was going to be the bastard. I guess I was wrong. Shows you how good of a writer I am. I can't even control my own characters. Stupid voices in my head demanding to be written their way or no way.

Well, enjoy the story anyway!

Just in case any of you were curious about what music to listen to while reading this story, here's what I listen to while I write it. Warning: my music taste is highly eclectic.

The Playlist of DOOOOOM (note that playlist is subject to change depending on author's mood)
clicky, it's my main page, but the My Life As A... playlist is the only one on there.

There you are. The songs that inspire me to write. This list will probably change before the end of the story, but for now it works.

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