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as you know my pename isn't really my real name and let's prefer it that way...unless you know me so just shhhhh...-- so about me...ummm...

i'm still a student, a college student from the philippines, specifically in the visayas region. writing stories is one of my hobbies or past time that goes hand in hand with drawing.

i draw when i get bored and i write when i get bored... i think my mind works the best 'imaginatively' when its at standstill. before i write things inspired by animes and gradually by people's experiences, and still do...but its safe to say as i grow so does my chosen genre...(char) i like to write about different things but more or less i like the tragic ones... there's always something wonderful and sweet and stories that doesn't end 'and they live happily ever after'... a few friends reacted at my first 'sad' story that i was mean since they didn't end up together but they liked the story nonetheless.but i haven't really closed my door for the 'happy ending' stories just that... life doesn't always end up that way but if they do... it's not with the people we think they would...i'd made those points in these..who knows you might agree with me...

ALL OF ME... it is like the usual rich girl-average boy, its a one-shot thing and when things started out as you planned, when everything is you think perfect something goes wrong. if you think it's a Romeo+Juliet type then - eenk! - you're wrong but it still ends up differently and it's for you to find out what... R&R please..greatly appreciate it...--

FRIENDS AND LOVERS... this is the first 'long' story i've written that almost went into the hands of a teacher... curious person she was... wondering what my classmates were busily reading... there are 3 friends -Kea, Miyu, and Lizzie. each chapter tells one story - of love, school and family. i'm not exactly sure if i categorized it well though... sigh things like that always bother me...

giving summaries can be such a's one of the things i find irritating in making up stories... other than thinking of a suitable title, how to begin, and what goes on in between... then there are those names of people and places... but still i liked doing it

THE PIANIST...i think i was inspired by a movie or i just wanted to write about what interest me when it comes to music - i like the piano thought i'm not very good at it. and i've realized i write on the female's perspective it's always there pains so in this story - another one-shot thing - its about Francis Winter, a brilliant young pianist, a virtuoso of the art who fled to oriental Japan in the hopes of living normally for ones and to his surprise finds love as well...-- read on to know what happens...again R&R please

i've grown tired with all these summaries and thinking and my hands have grown numb from the airconnditioning so i have to hurry...

SONATA OF THE FALLEN ANGEL... have you ever wondered what a 'sonata' means? well its simple as a cycle, heard Beethoven's moonlight sonata? doesn't it begin and end with the same 'lines'? life's pretty much like that even for a 'fallen angel' but his cycle and his kind is far different than ours - human beings - is. its my first supernatural thing and B2B..hehe... you might cut me some slack on this particular story.. i might make some editting and it might take a while to continue for the next chapter...

A DIARY... its like a prequel to Sonata of the Fallen Angel and supposed to be a one-shot tale but i ended up making a second chapter which would be posted soon... as you will find out there's two stories - or lives unfold here

again R&R... please... i'm pretty much open to new ideas. if i wasn't an avid reader i wouldn't be thinking of these things.

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