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Hello All! I'm Rachel, an International Business major at The University of Akron and a cashier at a comics shop and news stand, and this is my little cubicle of space. I'm a big fan of Jonothon(Jono) of GenX and Uncanny fame, because...well, just because, and of Bobby(Iceman) because he's just amusing as hell. :)
I don't write fight scenes: There are lots of people who are much better at it than I am. Then there's the fact that I prefer writing about the interpersonal dynamics...more fun, you know? Besides, there's not much room for amusing commentary in fight scenes- no fun!
PS- Like the picture? It's Susana, brought to visibility by the wonders of Adobe Photoshop. :)
She recently made an appearance in a fic by Ice Princess Deluxe, called Past Revisited. Check it out, it looks like it's gonna be vastly amusing!