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Hello! My name is Bikki and I'm a proud reader and writer

To make sure you all understand my name Bikki-White is not me being racist which a lot of people seem to think. It's actually my nickname and my favourite type of chocolate. And yes my nickname is the same as biscuits. NOT THE POINT!

I am also apart of but my name is different there. I write 'hehehe' a lot in reviews and I use '...' all the time. Don't ask me why. I'm just spastic.



Nephilim are an angel human mix & depending how much angel you are, dictates the rest of your life. With a new and possibly dangerous child about to be born, and Lys, mainly human with a small percentage of Angel blood, needing to step up to a plate she thinks is just to big for her, how will the world be saved when it’s saviour doesn’t know what she’s doing. Lys doesn't really understand why she was thrown into the mix of the Angelic world but she does know it's a lot closer to hell than most think.



Gabriel 'Gab' Edward Darkmoon- 18

Ignatius 'Iggy' Daniel Darkmoon- 18

Jayden 'Jay' Cedric Matthias Anthony Lucas Douglas- 18

Isabella 'Izzy' Marie Vladimir- 17

Nathaniel 'Nate' Roosevelt Winters- 16

Rosalia 'Zale' Natalie Winters- 16

Alison 'Lys' Catherine Evans- 16

Esmeralda 'Ezra' Tatiana Darkmoon- 15


Leonardo Darkmoon – Gabriel’s dead brother who is now Rephaim.

Greg Morrison – Alison’s step-father

Kerry Morrison – Alison’s mother

King Edmund Scott Tobias Pablo Jacob Cedric of Nephilim – Father of Jayden

Queen Nina Cedric of Nephilim – Mother of Jayden

King Ari – King of Rephiam

King Hyacinthus – King of Anakim

King Mercutio – King of Emim

Lord Damien Darkmoon – Gabriel’s father

Lady Sylvia Darkmoon – Gabriel’s mother

Lord Paris – Zale and Nathaniel’s father

Lord David Darkmoon – Ignatius and Esmeralda’s father

Lady Penelope Darkmoon – Ignatius and Esmeralda’s mother


Nephilim: The product of the sons of God (Angels) marrying mans daughters. Part-Angel part human hybrid, they were cursed because the sons of god disobeyed the order not to go near the humans. Their curse means that if they’re more than half Nephilim, they want to feel complete and crave for human blood. The Angel blood also gives each of them individual powers and some powers they can use as a collective. Nephilim is also used often to describe the entire part Angel community, Anakim, Emim and Rephaim included.

Anakim: The product of daughter of God (female Angels) marrying mans sons. Unlike Nephilim, the daughters asked the permission of God before they married. God approved, mostly to spite his sons who fell from heaven, and didn’t curse the children, but did curse them to make them stand out. Anakim’s are mainly pacifists and are all extremely tall with next almost twice the size of an average humans. They are vegetarians and are basically the ‘Nephilim version of a Buddhist’.

Emim: An Emim is what an Anakim or Nephilim become when they find someone of their own race with more than the difference of their own percentage of Nephilim/Anakim blood and drink them dry, whilst they’re victim is still alive. In doing this they become one hundred percent Angel and become all powerful. However it leaves them with the hunger for more human blood because their bodies, which are still human, so to speak, crave it. Also, because they have killed someone in such a brutal fashion, it leaves them to become an Angel of Hell.

Rephaim: A Nephilim, Anakim or Emim that died and clung onto their Angelic side, thus allowing them to come back to life and become immortal. Nothing known to man can kill a Rephiam, except a full blooded Angel, born of the heavens, or another Rephiam. Rephiam’s are indestructible but because their bodies are still human, their organs need constant replacing for them to work properly. They can still survive without a head and even survive without their hearts and vital organs, but it slows them down. Rephaim’s bodies appear dead and decaying and they usually wear black to cover up the constant dirt that seems to cling to them. Their skin is almost always a dark grey colour and their skin is waxy and dead looking. It isn’t unnatural for Rephaim to have internal organs jutting out of their bodies and stitched onto them.


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