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I'm a girl, as should be evident from my stories.

My name is Sarah. If you read Sylvafish's So Sorry on my favourites, then I'm the Sarah in her English class. The one that gets ragged on cause I always finish the book on the first day.

All my mail goes onto my parents e-mail account so, perverts shouldn't even try. It'd be funny though if someone actually sent me a nasty e-mail.

I'm almost finished with my favourite story, Silvertooth, Blackmoon, Amberblood which I intend to get published. It'll be renamed The Three Bloods. I've deleted the entire first section because I'm paranoid, so its not all there. Don't worry, though, as I've gone through and edited, I've put them up under the new name The Three Bloods. If you're intrested, go read the first section and most of the second there.

Love Triangle Literally was a fantasy that kept me entertained for a few days. I wrote up some of it, but stopped because I got lazy. It's finished now and the ending is kinda shit, but I like it better now. I might write one or two more chapters simply so people will stop bugging me. I can't help some of my fantasies. No judging ,(:

The Bluebird and the Cat was inspired by Harry Potter, but isn't really like it. Draco isn't as cold and I styled him more on a friend of myself than the Draco in Harry Potter. This story consumed me and I couldn't stop writing it. Sorry for putting the others on hold while I created this one. I'm tried to make it much more realistic in the emotions department than my other stories. I totally love it to death, even if almost everyone is saying it should be on Fanfiction.

The Three Bloods - Silvertooth, Blackmoon, Amberblood - is mostly up. I'll keep adding. Enjoy.

Leap of faith was inspired by the second episode of Heros and another of my stories. I don't normally write poetry so it might be shit, but I like it. It's also extremely obvious. What I say in the story is what is actually happening. I have no hidden meaning underneath.

Keigo is a story that popped into my head when I was sitting on my hour and a half long bus trip, which I take every day to get to school (Most of my ideas pop up when I'm on the bus. That or when I'm in bed trying to fall asleep). I've always wanted to write a story thats romantic, but isn't about love. It's a Oneshot, so I probably won't finish it, though.

To everyone who has reviewed my stories, I thank you. You've helped me greatly.

To those of you who think my stories aren't good, aren't worth wasting time over. If you don't like it then don't bother me with a bombing review.

My last profile was longer with my nationalities and friends and likes and whatever. This one is shorter with exactly what I want to say.


P.S. I have another account called Onyx Flight Path

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The Three Bloods reviews
A three part epic about a werewolf girl. Silvertooth, Blackmoon and Amberblood. When you have nothing, everything is worth keeping. I REALLY want this to get published.
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Love Triangle Literally reviews
I'm cold. I'm impassive. Thats why hardly anyone would beleive that I'm a...YAOI FANGIRL! And my dream comes true when I find out that two most popular, soughtafter boys are gay. Now they want me to pretend to be their girlfriend? What! Please ReadReview!
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He turned from the open stone window and stared at me with brilliant eyes. They were filled with countless emotions that I couldn’t name countless emotions that sparkled and lit up his icy face. He blinked and it was gone. The revised edition.
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