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Hey, I'm Caro, author of my four stories that you see below... And I will now summarize them:

The Vampire's Half Moon: Meet Alexandra and Ty. They're best friends confronting a dilemma that many guy and girl friends confront: their feelings for each other. However, with these two, things can never be normal. Why? Because Ty turns out to be a supernatural Hunter, someone destined to keep vampires, werewolves, witches and the like from causing too much trouble. Alex is actually OK with this. In fact, everything would probably be pretty smooth if it wasn't for Zane Cliffe, a suspicious and attractive vampire who has issues with the Hunters. Why does Zane have anything to do with Alex? He wouldn't--if it wasn't for the strange connection they have.

Branded: SPOILERS FOR THE VAMPIRE'S HALF MOON. Alex is back, with Zane and Ty both in tow. This time, someone's after her specifically, a group of blood-crazed vampires. But, even as she tries to stay alive, Alex has something else to worry about: the feelings she's beginning to have for Zane Cliffe. Even as she tries to begin a relationship with Ty, she finds herself growing closer to the vampire... But if the leader of a group called the Blood Market has anything to do with it, Alex won't even live long enough to make a decision.

Crossing the Line: SPOILERS FOR TVHM AND BRANDED. Alex made it out of the Blood Market alive, but now, she has to focus on her strange relationship issues. Just when she thinks she's made a decision, another element steps in: Samantha, Zane's Sire. As she watches her friend grow more infatuated with this vampiress, Alex begins to worry. A murderer is on the rise, and it may be someone that, for the first time, she doesn't stand a chance against. Why? Because she simply can't fight him.

The Blood Pool: Olivia has been raised to know that her arranged marriage will bring two powerful Vampire families together. It should be a no-brainer, but it isn't. She doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love. More complications arise when a different creature comes into the story, a creature that she should hate... Except she doesn't.

All right peoples... I won't be able to update as quickly as I usually do, as I'm working on a non-fictionpress story at the moment. But I'll update ASAP.

Someone asked me to post pics of people who I think look like my characters, so...

Alex--Ironically, Alexz Johnson:


Natalie--The only one who I think is really Natalie-ish (catlike, beautiful, so on and so forth) is Megan Fox. But with lighter hair.


Madison--No brainer. Elisha Cuthbert.


Others are still pending. ;)

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