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Welcome to my Life

Name: Melinda

Nickname: Mely, Mel

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Hometown: Timisoara, Romania

Hobbies: Daydreaming, obsessing over fictional character, doing nothing, writing, obsessing over fictional characters, playing the piano, listening to music, obsessing over fictional characters, spending time with her friends, obsessing over fictional characters, playing volleyball, etc.

Likes: Writing, Playing the Piano, Reading, Playing Volleyball, Hot Chocolate, Strawberry tea, Christmas, her laptop, her iPod, shopping, romantic comedies, happy endings

Dislikes: School (and everything that has to do with it), video games, hospitals, solitude, liars, insomnia, boredom, coffee, Mary Sue's

Is currentely: daydreaming, trying to get out of Writers Block and obsessing over fictional characters

30.12.2008 - Gosh I am so sorry for not having updated any of my stories in such a long time. There's just been so many things going on in my life that I simply couldn't get myself to write anything decent. I thank you all for your patience and I promise you that I will update Death's Bride as soon as I finish chapter ten. Until then, you should check out my new story 'Lust and Chastity' and let me know what you think. I hope the new year will give me all the creativity I need. Take care and have a very Happy New Year!



Current Projects

Death's Bride: "I am most commonly known as Death. And you..." He trailed off, his bloodshot eyes staring into mine, making me conscious of the fact that I was only wearing a pink, fluffy towel. "You are my Bride."

STATUS: Working on Chapter Ten

Lust and Chastity: “You are my mate. We are bound by blood. You reject me, I die.” What is Chastity to do when she finds herself the object of the demon of Lust’s affections?

STATUS: Working on Chapter Two

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