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New Year = new bio page. You're here, so I s'pose you wanna know about me, eh?

Name: It's scary; my folks & siblings call me Quisty--no, not after Quistis though. Fureh or any sort of alternate derivative works too.

Gender: Female... I think :P Tho according to Shad, her 'n me are now bishounen... don't ask how that works.

Hair color: A brown so dark it's almost black. It used to be long and wavy; now my locks have been cut off so it's not as long but still unruly & wavy. You should see me when I get outta the shower... or outta bed.

Eye color: Lightish brown. Beware of 'em giving you the 'evil eye'. ^_^

Height: 5ft 3.5in (hey! Same's Rinoa), though my Driver's License says 5'3". Not very helpful for swim meets (or basketball... or most other sports), but what can one do? I run now instead.

Age: I'll be 18 in a couple months. Yes people, Fureh will soon be legal, yeah baby! Soon I'll be able to vote too, go me! Not like I know much about politics...*Sniffles* Ahh, it seems like it was just yesterday when I had just begun to write fanfiction :P

Birthdate: Ides of March (March 15), 1985. Yep, I was born the same day-- though a few centuries later-- Julius Cesar was murdered. Aren't you thrilled?

Current Residence: Somewhere in the world... just look for Carmen Sandiego, I'm with her! Seriously, Toronto (Canada, eh? I'm an imported Canadian!)

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, some Mandarin (studied it for four years but didn't get very far... it's hard, ya? :P)

Starsign: Pisces and dead proud of it. Go fishies! *does li'l Pisces dance*

Chinese Zodiac: Ox

Handedness: Right... tho I wanna be a leftie! No... better, yet, ambidextrous! It comes in really handy when you're writing exams and you can no longer feel one of your hands from writing too much!

Fave Color: Blue, 'specially dark blue

Least fave color: Pink *shudder*. That color is the evil spawn of Satan I tell ye.

School stuff: Halfway thru senior year/grade 12/ Year 2 of my International Baccalaureate diploma. Thank God too; school's a pain in the... nah, it's fun! Hehe, you'll probably label me as a geek, but I must be the one student who likes Math (Calculus rocks! *hides from all math-haters*), Biology (genetics kicks ass!), Chemistry and Gym... English/Lit isn't all bad (poetry should burn in hell *is not a fan of poetry*). Economics is the most dismal science ever concocted (no offense to economists), but it's like voodoo science and voodoo math combined.

Where I'll be in 10 year's time: Probably pumping gas in some oddball gas station to repay my parents the cost of living at home ^_^. Hmm, hopefully far far away, preferably with a Dartmouth degree in Biotechnology/Genetics (hey, one can dream, ya?)

Likes: Writing, thinking, playing FFs, sleeping (you can never get enough of that *is a sleep deprived student*), chatting to FF.Net people, that nifty black box that is the PS2, movies, being hyperactive, Squinoas, Quifers, the Cloud/Tifa/Aeris love triangle (if Sephiroth wasn't such a psychotic bastard, him & Aeris would make a good match... just imagine their kids, all with those weird bangs :P) & Yunis (although why a Yuna x Tidus pairing came to be dubbed 'Yunis' is beyond me... like jeez, 'Tuna' is so much better :P).

Dislikes: Bugs, jellyfish, loud music, homework, my little sister (j/k), being away from my computer/PS2 for too long.

Other random stuff: I'm shy and somewhat antisocial... oh yeah, and weirder than your average X-Files episode, and extremely hyperactive, so approach at your own risk. Hey, you like my run-on sentence? Nifty, innit? If hyperactivity doesn't scare ya, drop me a line; I love meeting & chattin' to people! Oh, I'm also the Almighty Undisputed Queen of the Dictionary... and Air Hockey... and Sugar, so bow down to my greatness (don't ask... a party and three cans of Coke :P)

Gah, I think that's enough about me for now! Enjoy my fics! (or don't but review all the same)

Oh... and a special shout-out to my fellow authors Yati, Ifalna, Ashbear, Vick330, & Th' Lady Shadow... go read their stuff; it totally kicks ass! And they're wonderful people to boot! Apologies for droppin' off the face of the earth on ya ^_^

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