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1. Writing prompts, writing ideas, blogging ideas, journaling prompts, article writing ideas. This site will give you inspiration to write your short stories, novels, poems, blog posts, journals, essays.

2. Grants for writers, writing contests, writing markets, newsletters for writers, ebooks. This site contains many resources to help you become a professional writer.

3. Grammar lessons, grammar tests, glossary of grammatical terms, list of common grammar mistakes. This site offers free English grammar lessons covering various topics.


Who are we? The members of the Readers Club.

What's the Readers Club? A secret society for reading lovers.

How many members does the Readers Club have? We can't reveal this.

Is the Readers Club taking new members? Not at this moment.

Which are your intentions? Helping as many writers as we can, by sharing useful writing resources (see list above) and promoting their stories.

What do you want in return? Nothing. No one is forcing us to do this work anyway. This is entirely voluntary.

How can anyone help you? Read the stories, poems and essays we recommend. Leave comments to their authors if possible.

Are there writers among you? Yes, but we never recommend their stories. This would defeat the club's purpose.

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