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Enter into the mind of Apple Juice:

ALLO! I'm Sippy Cup! Sippy for short. Yay for me! Guess what? I like to write. I mean, why else would I have an account on here? Where I regularly post. (As regular as I can get.) So here is where I'll be posting all my stories and updates and news. So if I don't update for a while, you'll more than likely know why. Hehe.


Alright, I have two stories currently up and running. I'll more than likely just focus on the that my life will stay somewhat sane. I like keeping things somewhat sane...because insanity is overwhelming sometimes. On a side note, in both my stories, though they might have no relations what so ever I might cross them over. Simply because I do that sometimes. So if Heath suddenly appears into Bitten, you'll know why. And visa versa.


Wow, a month later I decided to update. Alright, I know I promised a special for Halloween on Lick My Sweet, but I didn't get to it. In fact, this is the first day I've been back home. After posting my chapter I went to the go get a costume. And guess what happened to me?! My water broke. Ohh, that's right kiddies! I went into labor on Halloween. I won't go into the details, that's just scary. But I had a baby boy, 6 pounds 11 ounces! Woot woot! I luff him. He's my baby boy! Anyway, his name is Dameon and he's my little bundle of joy. So...if I don't get to update as much as I'd like...then you know at least.

1/15/09's the new year. Opps. Hehe. Having a kid really takes up a lot of your time. I promise I'm not JUST procrastinating! Hehe. I am working on the next instalment of LMS, I just gotta work out some kinks. Like, starting it. Yeah. Those kinks. Sorry I didn't give the special's, but the time still has to be around Thanksgiving and Christmas, cuz you know, something big happens. Like BOOM! So guess what? Didn't have a great holiday time? I'll give you a BETTER one! Had a wonderful one? I'll make last a LITTLE bit longer! And then I'll throw us into a special Valentines day. Sadly, after that, the story will almsot be over. So you'll have to look for 'Dip Me in Chocolate' (the next in the series) oh yeah baby! Love you all!

Stories In Progress:

Lick My Sweet:
Heath never thought going to college would be so trying to his emotional stature...that's until, of course, he met Seth. And the only A he is focused on getting is in Anatomy. M/M

Lycanthrope of Sin-Book I: Bitten
Aidren is a young lycanthrope, newly bitten by the guy he's now living with. (Thanks to his condition of being a hairy monster once a week.) Of course Aidren has nothing but undying hate for Ace...right? Right. But Ace isn't too keen on keeping things so cold between the two of them. Especially for a cat who needs some loven'. M/M

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