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Name Jason

Hey, I'm here on Fictionpress just to vent out my overly large imagination, so go ahead and enjoy my stories! As for reviews, they're much appreciated, but I'll try not to beg. I do return reviews and give out freebies, so if you want some of your work checked out just go ahead and ask, but if i don't like it i probably won't review past the first chapter. (Sorry guys, that's just the way i roll...i don't like to waste too much time.) Between studies and social life i don't exactly have much writing time, but i try to update as much as possible. You'll probably hear me complaining about my own stories alot, just ignore those, that's just me getting to anxious for more imaginative venting. (That means writing that i don't have time for but wish i did)

What i Hate:

1.) Liars and posers, seriously! Just be yourself!

2.) Selfish people

3.) Time, there's never enough

4.) Arrogance and prejudice

5.) Mexican candy (who the hell wants a sour coconut chili fruit bar?)

6.) People who talk about subjects when they have no clue, and still think they're right

7.) The color yellow...ew...

8.) YOU (Just kidding...)

9.) The difficulty of finding a good story to read (please, if you know some TELL ME)

10.) The world as a whole (only on Mondays though...)

What I love:

1.) Music (every form out there, and I mean it, music freaking rocks)

2.) Playing guitar

3.) Drawing and writing

4.) Basically anything artistic

5.) Rainy days...unless I want it to be sunny...

6.) My I-pod, i'd marry it if it were legal

7.) Expressing myself and people who aren't afraid to do so

8.) The colors black, blue, purple, and white

9.) Lacrosse

10.) Girls, DUH

Favorite Quotes:

Flaws are what make people beautiful

Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it

Dreaming permits every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you're a thousand miles from the cornfield

Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

It's funny how someone can break you're heart, and you can still love them with all the little pieces

You look at me cuz i'm different, but i laugh at you cuz you're all the same

If life is fair, why do roses have thorns?

Favorite Bands and Artists: (yes these are my favorites...not all the artists i listen to, i have like four times more in my itunes library)

After Midnight Project

All That Remains

All Time Low

American Hi-Fi


Angels and Airwaves

As I Lay Dying

Avenged Sevenfold

Before Their Eyes

Billy Currington

Bionic Jive

The Blackout

Blink 182

Blue October

Boxcar Racer

Brand New

Breaking Benjamin

Bullet for my Valentine

Children of Bodom


The Classic Crime

Cobra Starship

Cute is What we Aim For

Darkest Hour

Dashboard Confessional

Dead Celebrity Status

Decyfer Down


Egypt Central


Envy on the Coast

Escape the Fate

Every Avenue

The Exies

Family Force 5


Five Finger Death Punch


Fort Minor

The Fray

Hawk Nelson

Hello Goodbye

Hey Monday

Hollywood Undead


The Human Abstract


Jack's Mannequin

Jake Owen


Kids in the Way



Linkin Park

The Lost Trailers

Lunden McGill


Monty Are I

My American Heart

Mystic Roots


The Offspring


Papa Roach


Plus 44


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Rev Theory

Rodney Atkins


Scar Symmetry

Scars on Broadway

Scary Kids Scaring Kids




Sky Eats Airplane


Snow Patrol


Sonic Syndicate




Still Remains

Story of the Year


Sum 41

Taking Back Sunday


Tim McGraw

This Beautiful Republic

A Thorn for Every Heart

Thousand Foot Krutch

Three Days Grace


Throw the Fight


Toby Keith

Tracy Lawrence


Tribal Ink

Trust Company



We as Human

We the Kings

116 Clique

3 Doors Down

30 Seconds to Mars

38th Parallel


There is nothing more reassuring in a friendship then absolute hatred for one another.

The only way to see how well you know a friend, is to see how quick you can break one down.

As with the line between friends and lovers, there is a line so blurry and undistinguished by the human mind between friendship and adversity, that one may confuse his ultimate enemy for his best friend.

If the world is truly such a great thing, then try and explain to me the evils of format change.

The leading factor of all conflicts is the ignorance of one, the arrogance of another, and misguidance of both.

There is no honor in a fight, for if you had honor, you wouldn't be fighting in the first place

It's so much easier to stab someone in the back when they're turned around

Violence isn't the answer, but who said i can't miss a question or two?

Everyone always tells me i've lost my mind, but the truth is i just misplaced it...

Bad is good, for if you have never seen the bad, you will never know the good

Hating another is like shooting yourself in the head and hoping they suffer the brain damage

Hope is the first step to disappointment

"God" spelled backwards is "Dog", so is Jesus Black?

I don't discriminate, i just hate everyone

If sticks and stones can break my bones, then what the hell is the point of a gun?

If i killed you, would you be mad at me?

Life isn't about shielding yourself with an umbrella, it's about letting it down and getting pelted to death by hailstones

Why must our hearts still pound, even after they've been broken?

What's the difference between a prostitute and the Government? The Government will keep on screwing you after you're dead.

If we are a country run by the people, why is there a bunch of people on top making all the decisions?

The difference between a gay and a straight guy? When you ask a straight guy whether he's black or white he'll look at you like your an idiot. Gay guy? "No I'm more of a Cosmic Latte"

Why do fights always start at daybreak? Why not later in the afternoon after you've had lunch? Cheap bastards...

My Fiction:

Homeworlds: The Road to War (In progress)

The first part in what I hope to make into a four part series, my goal for this story is to make an epic fantasy adventure with a new and creative universe. If there was any story I have that I recommend you reading, it would be this one simply because I feel as though when I am finished, it will be my best story yet. Yes, this is my pride and joy. So if you're looking for a unique fantasy story with lots of action and imagination, and if you want a story that will be quite long, than this is for you.

Basic Summary: Eight years ago The Great War ended. The gods whom humanity worshiped left them to continue their fight with the horrid demon-gods that infested their realm, and now mankind is left alone in the universe to fend for themselves. Without the guidance of their immortal overseers, humans quarrel over what is left of their war torn universe. Tensions rise as empires tangle with one another in a constant struggle for power, but rumor has it that the demon-gods are returning. It is now up to a small group of young war heroes to not only keep humanity from destroying itself, but to unite the nations against this threat before it is too late.

Ground Zero (Temporarily Postponed)

A standalone story based off my older work, The Caged Bird Heeds No Call, it is essentially what I consider a complete revision of a beloved story. In essence, I had rushed through The Caged Bird Heeds No Call, and this is my attempt at exploring the universe I had wanted to create at the level I feel it deserves. Perhaps my best standalone story, I would definitely recommend this if you're interested in post-apocalyptic stories.

Basic Summary: The world has been ravaged my nuclear war. The nations that once vied for power on its now barren surface are all but ash and ruin, and a new power has emerged; The Phoenix Union. A militaristic and totalitarian regime, the Union seeks to establish complete control over its territories, exercising extreme force against all who defy it. It is now up to three runaways to lead the resistance and restore America to its former self. Together they will discover powerful allies, and dangerous enemies, from monsters and mutants, to bandits and criminals, to cybernetic killing machines, and of course, the men and women of the Union, who will stop at nothing to have them killed.

The War to End All Wars (Complete)

A standalone story, many people have found it enjoyable. However, being one of earlier works, I am not too proud of it. If anything, it is a good milestone to show how I have progressed since its completion. Fun for those of you looking for a quick read, but not very professional.

Basic Summary: Political leaders across the globe are being murdered, and their assassin is nowhere to be found. When strange entities began pouring in from another dimension, the world is thrown into chaos. Now, with governments collapsing and the states falling into anarchy, it is up to a team of paranormal agents to discover the identity of the assassin, and what it is doing on Earth...before its too late.

The Caged Bird Heeds No Call (Complete)

My earliest work, its good at parts, but I definitely would not recommend it to anyone. It was rushed and I was inexperienced in writing it. The revised version will be posted as Ground Zero, a much better interpretation of similar events.

Basic Summary: Same as Ground Zero pretty much, just not as elaborate or good.

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