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Poll: I may just be a freak...but has anyone else ever started writing something, stopped for a while, then tried to write again only to find that their writing style has changed dramatically? Vote Now!
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HELLOOO! I haven't been on in so long! (this is bold cuz it's new) By the way, down there in the part about me drawing my story as a manga...it has yet to happen. BUT I DREW MOST OF A MOSTLY PROPORTIONATE PERSON!! It made me happy. I started rewriting the story too. It's written differently, has different POVs, has different names (somewhat), has more humor, is written better, flows better, and everything in it should fit together much better as the story goes on this time. Don't worry though, if you were that is, the basic plot of the thing will remain pretty much in tact. I'm also trying to come up with another title for it because it really won't be the same as the other one (meaning a monkey could tell the difference extremely easily) so, for the few people that ever look at my profile, I would like some help with the new name so can you send me something like a message or review the story and leave it there or something close to that? It would be greatly appreciated. -Pointless Dot

Hello. You may refer to me as Pointless Dot.
I like to read a lot, but I also like to write a lot. The only problem with the second one is a lack of free time and the fact that I am always suffering from writer's block. Then, by the time my writer's block has disappeared, my writing style changes and the second half the the story is written better than the first half. Very troublesome. -.-
I also like oxymorons...hence the name "Pointless Dot" because a dot is a point and, well, you get the point (no pun intended). Along with oxymorons, I got this thing for the ellipsis. I just got the habit of using a lot of ...'s. -
Okay. Here's the deal. My story, Unwanted, has come to a halt. I have the whole story in my head, but it gets really distorted by bad writing by the time it hits the paper. I have decided to make it into a manga. Yes, I'm going to try to draw the whole story out and put it on the web...maybe. It may just be for the people around me to read if I can't get the internet to work for me. I don't know how well it will work, but if it ends up being a total disaster, then I will continue to write it...and maybe rewrite the beginning of it, too. Everyone will probably be alerted with overly happy words from yours truly if I can just draw the main character. T-T
The overly happy words will be because I can't draw a person for my life. Never could and probably never will with my luck. Expect bolded, underlined, and italicized large words of joy in about...three years when I get the shape of a human head to look right. -_-
I have to tell you about this one. I took a piece of paper and wrote down as many titles for stories as I could fit on the small piece I used. I fit thirty on it. I do plan to write each and every one of them...sooner or later...most likely later. -_-'
I wonder if maybe if one of my stories was good...no it could never happen to me...well maybe if a miracle happened...stupid, nothing ever happens to me...but still if maybe someone liked my story...no...maybe...thoughts of money due to someone wanted to make a book from one of my stories . mooooneeeeey - oooooooh...

Words I Never Spell Right:
(there were more, but I forgot them...I'm sure I'll remember what they are when someone tells me I mispell them again -)
The Word I Love And Have Managed To Spell Right Every Time That I Have Written It:
(it is the fear of long words and is my favorite English word...my favorite Spanish word is manana-the first "n" has a squiggle over it-)
-check it out! -

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